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    Uplifting Independence Day Actions Prepare Groundwork for 13th 9/11 Anniversary Print E-mail
    Written by AE911Truth Staff   
    Sunday, 17 August 2014 01:16

    Activists Across US Hail "9/11 Truth: Good for America"
    Reports from Hartford, Austin, Sandpoint, NYC

    banner-911-G-4-America-webMost Americans celebrating Independence Day last month were feeling patriotic, but we're guessing they also had a sobering sense that things are not quite right in their country these days — that their historic freedoms are slipping away, one by one. So, in an attempt to help our fellow citizens reclaim their constitutional and civil rights, we in the 9/11 Truth Movement spent the Fourth of July articulating the country's deep-seated concerns, ranging from loss of civil liberties and NSA spying to a $4.5 trillion war on terror, torture, and assassination by drones. And, more importantly, we offered an explanation and a solution.

    GFA-brochure-flip-webThe new brochure is positive, colorful, and catchy. Keep the momentum rolling right into the 9/11 anniversary in your town!We led our listeners back to where it all started: 9/11. And we showed them that there's a huge problem with the official story, especially the part about the destruction of the World Trade Center, which is the focus of AE911Truth. To aid them in cutting through the 9/11 lies and discovering the truth, we launched a new campaign, 9/11 Truth: Good for America, accompanied by a dynamic new brochure, whose positive message is proving to be the perfect antidote to the nation's 9/11-induced woes.

    AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, spent the day handing out the brochure at a July 4th parade while on an out-of-town excursion. "We simply hollered, 'Restore America with the Truth,' and most people would reach out eagerly for our patriotic-looking brochure," he recounts. "Our local AE911Truth Action Group ran out of hundreds of brochures in just an hour."

    "It's the positive message that people are needing in order to be able to digest the difficult implications of 9/11 Truth." — Richard Gage, AIA

    Here are details of a few of the Good for America campaigns around the country:

    9/11 Truth: Good for America in Austin, TX

    Helen-from-Austin-G4A-webHelena Martin of Austin, TX, is a fully-themed G4A presentation all by herself.Helena Martin and Mike Smith, 9/11 Truth activists from Austin, Texas, started the day canvassing "at a neighborhood parade," says Helena. "Then we walked to downtown Austin, stopping at the Texas State Capitol. Along the way, we handed out over 170 Good for America flyers, with a smile and a 'Happy 4th of July!' greeting. People were in a good mood because of the holiday, and it was a perfect opportunity to be handing out patriotic information."

    Most people, Helena recalls, were receptive to the flyer, especially veterans, a few of whom talked at length about their own interest in 9/11. One construction worker visiting Austin from New York City told her, "People's inability to wake up astounds me." Many people had not heard about WTC 7. "It seems," she notes, "that the youth and veterans are the most receptive to information about the truth of 9/11."

    Her canvassing partner Mike Smith concurs: "I found that everyone was very friendly. People who disagreed simply avoided us. So there is no reason for anyone to be afraid of handing out flyers about 9/11 truth."

    9/11 Truth: Good for America in Hartford, CT

    Wayne-SS-Truther-Harford-webWhile the SS Truth sailed in front of thousands on Independence Day, activists handed everyone on shore the new G4A brochure and answered questions about the curious-looking ship.The SS Truther made its appearance at the 2014 Hartford Fireworks, which, postponed due to weather, was held several days after July 4.

    Thousands of people watched the colorful display in the sky and the banner-and-flag-waving boat in the water, but only a lucky 550 received copies of the Good For America brochure. According to Cheryl Curtis and Bowen Roberts, "they went like hotcakes."

    9/11 Truth: Good for America in Sandpoint, ID

    The small town of Sandpoint in northern Idaho is perhaps best known for its regional ski area, Schweitzer Mountain, and its annual summer Jazz Festival. But during its 2014 Fourth of July parade, the streets became a bastion of freedom as deep connections were made between local AE911Truth Good for America canvassers and citizens who expressed their concern about the direction the U.S. government has taken since 9/11 and who cheered our mission.

    Vol2-G4A-webAn AE911Truth volunteer leafleted to Independence Day parade-goers in Sandpoint, ID, where roughly half of those who engaged in conversation were already aware that the public was not told the truth about 9/11.

    Larry3-G4A-webLarry, an AE911Truth volunteer, graphic artist and creator of the wildly popular G4A brochure, reveled in the reactions of veterans, most of whom listened intently to the information Larry shared about 9/11 and some of whom had plenty of their own 9/11 truth to share.


    9/11 Truth: Good for America in New York City

    July-4-Action-at-NYCThe dedicated NYC activists led by long-time 9/11 Truth proponent Les Jamieson (left) were out in force celebrating Independence Day near the new 9/11 Museum. They passed out G4A brochures and the infamous alternative guide to the museum – both of which contain the powerful AE911Truth evidence insert."We had a very productive outreach at Ground Zero," notes Les Jamieson. "It was great to see three new people join in the action. One is a medical doctor who learned of AE911Truth's work eight weeks ago by attending our event at Community Church. Another is a Viet Nam vet with knowledge of demolitions as well as a lifetime of experience in construction, including work on major projects in the area of Ground Zero. And the third is a chemical engineer who came in from Boston. We handed out around 800 flyers in a few hours. We were amazed at how fast they were going out.

    "Also," continues Les, "we met a wonderful couple of Indian descent. He's an engineer and his wife is an architect who is an AIA member. They already had their own doubts about the official story of the destruction of the Twin Towers. Then we met an Asian couple from Los Angeles who were aware of the alternative research, including investigations into the WTC 7 deception and cover-up. Both couples were very concerned about the future of this country and were very glad to see us there. Even a construction worker on his shift at the site asked me for a flyer.

    fireworks-flyer-webEverywhere the G4A brochure showed up on July 4th, it created fireworks."Overall, it was gratifying to know that the work of AE911Truth was getting into the hands of people of all ages, from all over the U.S. and from around the world," Les adds. "So many of these people have zero access to this in-depth research and would likely never come into contact with it otherwise. So let's build the momentum. Let's have eight people out here on Saturdays. Let's flood the public with truth until mass consciousness shifts and the lie can no longer survive. It's in our hands. All we need to do is show up! Even once a month will be of value."

    Larry-G4A-web9/11 Truth: Good for America – This September in Your Town

    Let's make the anniversary of 9/11 this year be our breakthrough year.

    Please do your part in your town to make it happen all over the country.