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    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
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    Written by AE911Truth Staff   
    Tuesday, 19 November 2013 22:31

    Experts Speak Out in the Bahamas

    bahamasWe were invited to the Bahamas to be interviewed for a script being written by 9/11 Truth supporter and filmmaker Ric Von Maur. A few years ago Von Maur produced his first movie Wind Jammers, which was shot on location in the Bahamas, and he is working on his next one.  Von Maur kept a low profile for years after he became aware of the World Trade Center evidence ignored by the mainstream media, which dominates the news offerings in this island nation just as it does in the US.
    Ric-and-Doreen-Von-MaurRic and Doreen Von Maur hosted AE911Truth in what turned out to be the most successful screening of our landmark film “9/11: Experts Speak Out” everVon Maur had been aware of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and was interested in how the life of Richard Gage, AIA, had changed when he transitioned from full-time architect to full-time CEO of the nonprofit organization AE911Truth. Von Maur did not want to write a “conspiracy” movie, preferring instead to write about the difficulty people have with voicing questions about the official theory of 9/11.We agreed to meet and suggested to him that he invite friends to watch “9/11: Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out“ and meet Mr. Gage in person. Preferring to keep a low profile, he was reluctant at first, but decided it was a great opportunity for Bahamians to meet Richard Gage, AIA.

    maur-PanelAfter securing an 18-seat theater at the Albany Resort where 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out could be screened, von Maur began to talk up the event. Word traveled fast on the small island and it quickly became clear that the audience was not going to fit. He decided to move the event to a 200-seat theater and placed ads in the local print and television media.

    “The response was incredible, I was surprised so many people in a foreign country would have interest in an event that happened over 10 years ago in the US,” said von Maur. “It’s a very good sign that audiences will be receptive to the fictional movie.”

    theater300 Seat TheaterVon Maur soon found that he had even more reservations than would fit in the 200-seat theater. The theater owner agreed to let him use their largest theater, a 300-seater, which is normally used for new releases and blockbuster films. On the night of the event, 251 people arrived and were treated to hors d’oeuvres and cocktails before the Bahamas premiere of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.” The audience consisted of an excellent cross-section of people from all walks of life – almost all Bahamian locals, but also attended by British and American expatriates. It was the largest-ever premiere screening of “Experts Speak Out” in the world! This in a country of 770 islands whose total population, 371,000, is about that of a medium-sized American city.

    Forty-five people came believing the official conspiracy theory – that planes and fires brought down the Twin Towers.  Afterwards only five did. Not surprisingly, none of the forty five people knew about the collapse of the third tower (WTC7).

    One of the unconvinced five thought that the towers were so cheaply built, due to the influence of organized crime in the construction industry, that they just fell apart after being hit by the planes.  We assured him that even the official story promulgated by NIST, the National Institute for Standards and Technology praised the structural integrity of the buildings highlighting their robust design – but faulted the impacts of the planes for dislodging the fireproofing.

    Others expressed incredulity that our own government could have been responsible for the murder of more than 3,000 of its own people.  We stressed that we don’t speculate on who might have been responsible for this massive crime and cover-up – but that a proper investigation must be commenced – and that we’ll have to just let the chips fall where they may.
    dominosA stack of dominoes can't possibly fall straight down through itselfAnother skeptic opined that “it came down just like you would expect it – like a stack of dominos – they just come straight down.”  But a stack of dominos doesn’t come straight down through itself. It always falls over – just like we’d expect in a fire-induced collapse of a skyscraper. In such processes, any unevenness or asymmetry that is present at the beginning of the collapse can only grow as the collapse progresses. The need to minimize asymmetry even in professional demolitions is why demolition companies are paid so much money and take months to plan the most difficult demolitions. Fires can't possibly weaken or destroy a structure as symmetrically and thoroughly as explosive charges can.WTC-destructionA close look at the Twin Towers’ destruction reveals the lateral discharge of hundreds of steel sections, trailed by thick smoke clouds. Some of the steel sections have been clocked at 60 mph, and landed up to 600 feet away in all directions.

    Uniquely among 9/11 truth documentaries, “Experts Speak Out” presents explanations by several psychologists about why so many people have a hard time rationally evaluating the scientific evidence. We’ve found that most people make emotionally laden decisions about what to believe based on their frame of reference – or worldview. Then they look for reasons to support those beliefs. Sigmund Freud was the first to call it rationalization, but he was hardly the first person to notice that people do this.

    Local resident Leslie Vanderpol, founder and Executive Director of the Bahamas International Film Festival, seemed deeply moved by the evidence.  She had been in New York City during the events of 9/11 and had gone to give blood at the local Red Cross. The authorities there turned her away because so few victims needed blood.  There were very few injured survivors.  

    The local paper, the Bahamas Tribune, covered the event and is expected still to publish a story, but has not done so as of the date of this article.

    Most people at the event signed up for our free monthly email newsletter and so will have ample opportunity to follow up. Each audience member was given a copy of the DVD and was encouraged to share it with their friends and family.

    ”In many ways, Bahamians are ‘freer’ [than Americans].” – Ric von Maur

    The following day, Ric von Maur and Richard Gage, AIA, discussed the event and von Maur’s script idea. They discussed the journey Mr. Gage and so many other people have taken as they try to square science and facts with government propaganda.  It seems many have lost friends and have been ridiculed for asking tough questions. It is a great subject for a thought-provoking fictional film.

    Afterwards, Gage asked von Maur why there was such a good turnout for the event. Von Maur had a surprising answer: “As an American, it’s hard for me to say, but in many ways, Bahamians are ‘freer.’  They feel free to associate with whomever they wish, and to discuss controversial subjects.  It is definitely a freer environment.”