Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    Wake up your Campus to the 9/11 Evidence: Join the College Outreach Team Print E-mail
    Written by AE911Truth Staff   
    Tuesday, 23 October 2012 01:15
    The potential for college outreach was confirmed as every student who initially subscribed to the official story abandoned it by the end of Gage’s explosive presentation at Diablo Valley College. Students were inspired to take action based on their new awareness of 9/11.

    If you are a student or professor, or if you live near a university, junior college, or any place of higher learning, we invite you to volunteer with AE911Truth and start organizing at your school to promote a new World Trade Center investigation. The College Outreach Team has been revived for the 2012–2013 school year in conjunction with the promising Spring AE911Truth College Speaking Tour, and we have plenty of opportunities for new volunteers. With just a few hours of effort, you can begin to make an impact on your college campus, alma mater, or nearby university.

    Over the past century, many grassroots movements have taken place at college campuses. From civil rights and war protests to political rallies, universities have always been havens for free speech, scientific research, and open discourse, and AE911Truth has left its own impression on campuses around the world. The live presentation of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth has been given to students at more than 49 colleges since 2007, including such prestigious institutions as MIT, the University of Toronto, and Cambridge University.

    At dozens of universities, Richard Gage, AIA, has demonstrated that presenting the 9/11 evidence for controlled demolition can be as poignant in a classroom as it is in a conference hall

    Arizona resident Steve Cohn has been the leader of the College Outreach Team for the last year. “When I first joined AE911Truth, I had almost no volunteer or leadership experience, but I was inspired by the 10th anniversary events to make a difference right away,” he explained. “I look forward to seeing other supporters join us as we continue to make an impact at colleges nationwide.”

    The mission of the College Outreach Team is to promote the vital WTC evidence on campuses throughout the country by

    A key component of the College Outreach Team this year is the new AE911Truth College Speaking Tour. AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, is set to give a new presentation, titled 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Don’t Be the Last to Know, at colleges across America, starting at the Global Social Responsibility Conference on October 24 at St Cloud University. “We were honored to be called by Dr. Julie Andrzejewski, the conference coordinator, and offered an honorarium to give the event a boost in content,” Gage said. “The most eager of the 2,800 conference participants will be able to pack into the 400-seat auditorium to have the opportunity to hear the compelling WTC evidence in our new multimedia presentation.”

    We are also delighted to report that AE911Truth returned from our first college speaking conference at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA).  “We had a very professional booth in the exhibit hall which drew many students in campus activities directors to inquire about us,” Gage recalled. “Some people were absolutely delighted that the 9/11 Truth issue was receiving such attention, and others had absolutely no idea what we were about until we explained to them.”

    Gage also had the opportunity to speak for 10 minutes to an audience of several hundred campus staff and students who were at the conference to book entertainment and speaking engagements for their campuses from around the area. “We had a fair amount of interest as a result and are following up with them!” Gage said.

    Members of the College Outreach Team will also have the opportunity to become AE911Truth Regional Organizers or State Organizers in addition to helping the College Speaking Tour take off.

    The “Science of 9/11” symposium organized by AE911Truth supporters at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville brought together a panel of experts, including former National Transportation Safety Board Director Jim Hall, Urban Planning Professor David Johnson, Ph.D., and Civil Engineering Professor Edwin Foster, PhD.

    Here is how you can deliver this vital information to colleges near you:

    Students: You can create 9/11 Truth clubs on campus. You can start by visiting your college’s student activities webpage to look for existing student clubs for that are related to 9/11 Truth. If there isn’t one, find out what the rules are for forming a new club and start one!

    Will you need a faculty advisor? How many students can join? Can a club be formed any time of the year? Every school is different. Some require only a handful of students, while others require at least a dozen students and a faculty advisor.

    Once you have formed the club, you can apply to become an independent AE911truth Action Group and be listed on our website.

    If you already belong to a student club, ask its officers to consider adding AE911Truth to its mission. Registered clubs are usually entitled to student activities funds from the University, which will enable you to hold screenings of AE911Truth films and sponsor presentations by Richard Gage, AIA, and other AE911Truth speakers.

    Alumni/Faculty: You can help us coordinate campus activities and assist in reaching out to alumni associations and college professors. You can also offer to be an advisor to a 9/11 Truth student group that is forming at your college.

    University of Maryland student Mo Farsh ensured that Gage’s presentation at UMD in September was a resounding success by including two technical professors who agreed to engage in a panel discussion afterward

    Everyone: You may want to consider contacting officers and advisors of other student clubs that may be receptive to the 9/11 evidence. For example, look for an engineering club, find the contact information for the club’s advisors and members, and send them a letter about AE911Truth with links to the YouTube versions of Experts Speak Out and Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC7. Offer to give a presentation at one of their meetings or to work with them to host an AE911Truth event on campus. Please email us and ask for a sample letter for you to use.

    Those who are interested in taking “instant action” should consider putting up posters on bulletin boards around campus to reach the most students in the least time. Please email collegeoutreach (at) ae911truth.org to request a specialized poster for your school with your preferred contact information. It will include the AE911Truth web page and read, “…Student Club now forming.”

    After we email the poster image to you, just print up a few dozen of them, bring a backpack with tape and tacks to campus, and hang them up. Brightly colored paper (for the B&W posters) will inspire the most responses.

    Handing out fliers on campus is a simple way to introduce the college community to the evidence, and this can even be done while hanging posters. You can create your own fliers or purchase a stack of fliers from the AE911Truth store.

    The new AE911Truth presentation makes its official debut at St. Cloud University this month, and with your help, it could also be coming to a college near you!

    Passing out fliers is always better if you speak with each person and get contact info. You’ll use fewer fliers and make better connections with students who are interested. Better still is to set up a booth with a table and chairs…but best of all is a full display — a canopy with hanging AE911Truth banners, DVDs for sale, books, and anything else eye-catching and inviting. You can also distribute our new campus promotional brochure to interested students.

    Don’t forget to bring a clipboard and sign-up sheet so you can get contact information for sending emails to interested people about the club you are forming. (If you can, bring an official sign-up sheet provided by the school.)

    A good time to set up a table or booth is at special events on campus, such as student orientations. Many colleges allow this and even encourage such off-campus promotions, but check with the campus first. 

    If you set up a student group, you’ll also receive regular updates from the College Outreach Team, as well as assistance in coordinating events and film screenings at your college.

    Knowledge of the evidence about the World Trade Center catastrophe often leads to depression, stress, and even anger. A healthy cure for these is to take positive action – and soon. Now is your chance to make a difference and do something to change the future of our country. America is calling for patriots like you.

    Bob Hass, the AE911Truth campus organizer for several Milwaukee schools, passionately educates students about 9/11. “Working as a volunteer with the College Outreach team is quite possibly the most important work I’ll ever do to help secure the future of my children and grandchildren," he said. It’s also a great way to bond with people who share your desire for a real 9/11 investigation.

    If you can devote three to ten hours per week and would like to be part of the College Outreach Team at the national level, or if you want to focus on your hometown schools, we would love to have new volunteers at this critical time. Please email us at collegeoutreach (at) ae911truth.org with the Subject Line “College Volunteer”. Tell us how you’d like to help, and we will get you involved right away.