Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Ben Swann, formerly of Cincinnati's FOX19, questions the official story of the collapse of the World Trade Center High-rises

    Ben Swann, formerly of Cincinnati's FOX19, has to admit that World Trade Center Building 7 probably did not collapse due to normal office fires as NIST would want us to believe

    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
    Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
    A 15-min Documentary with Ed Asner

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    9/11: Explosive Evidence -
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    FOX TV, Fresno,
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    FOX News
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    Vancouver Omni TV,
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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    The Anatomy of a Great Deception: Print E-mail
    Written by Craig McKee   
    Monday, 30 June 2014 22:07

    One Man's Personal 9/11 Journey

    New Movie Trailer for Campaign Launch

    Hooper-presentationDave Hooper presents his new film, "The Anatomy of a Great Deception," at its first screening, held at the Motor City Casino in Detroit last March.A personal journey of discovery began just over three years ago for businessman and filmmaker David Hooper when he began to ask questions about what really happened on September 11, 2001. The result of his quest is a ground-breaking documentary, The Anatomy of a Great Deception.

    During his search for answers, each question Hooper asked led to another, until eventually he deduced that the official story of how 9/11 transpired simply couldn't be true. Besides the emotional upheaval of that realization, Hooper faced the added pain of feeling isolated from family members and friends, who shared neither his conclusions nor his conviction that America had been betrayed. So, as a way of reaching out to loved ones, Hooper decided to make the film, in hopes that it would help them grasp the facts that had shattered his worldview.

    Billed as a "fast-paced, first-person docu-thriller," The Anatomy of a Great Deception provides a fresh perspective on what happened to the World Trade Center's Twin Towers and Building 7. The latter, a 47-story, steel-framed structure that was not hit by a plane, fell almost seven hours after the second tower came down.

    Hooper-quoteHooper's film shows viewers why the fires that broke out in WTC 7 could not have been responsible for its destruction. It also highlights the many ways the official investigation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology fails to explain the physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, from the molten metal discovered under all three skyscrapers to the numerous explosions on the lower floors of each building—explosions that went off both before and during each respective collapse.

    The documentary will be formally released on September 1, 2014, to coincide with media coverage of the 13th anniversary of 9/11. It is enthusiastically supported by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and by its founder, architect Richard Gage, AIA, though the production is independent of the non-profit organization.

    In his video supporting the film, Gage notes that it "has the best chance yet of pushing the 9/11 debate into the mainstream. It's presented in a way that people can really connect with."

    The filmmakers, through Moving Flicks LLC (a company set up to handle distribution for the film), have pledged to donate 50 cents to AE911Truth from each DVD sold for the next five years. In addition, they have allowed space inside the film's DVD case for inserts designed to help encourage awareness of, membership in, and donations to AE911Truth. Another 50 cents per DVD will be donated to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund, which provides educational assistance to family members of 9/11 victims.

    Moving-FlicksHooper's film distribution company, Moving Flicks LLC, will get the DVD into the public's hands via brick-and-mortar retail outlets and online sales – a marketing plan that he has great expertise in.

    "From my viewpoint, AE911Truth is the most influential and respected organization pushing to find out the truth of 9/11," Hooper says. "And it's obvious that they are accomplishing their mission, considering that recent polls show as many as 38% of Americans have doubts about the official version."

    Currently underway is a fundraising effort to facilitate the completion and distribution of the film. Moving Flicks has turned to the online crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to achieve its fundraising goal of $50,000. Hooper plans to have the DVD available for sale at checkout counters in thousands of retail outlets, starting in one metropolitan center then adding one city after another. The DVD will also be sold online starting in September.

    Those who contribute to the Indiegogo campaign are eligible for a wide variety of gifts, such as signed DVDs (with a $25 pledge), access to hidden content on the web site, and a cameo in the film's closing credits, to name a few. The "grand-daddy" gift package includes a private home screening by Hooper.

    "Perhaps this film will get the 9/11 debate past the tipping point and into the mainstream," Hooper says. "We'll soon find out, because it's the 9/11 community that will, once again, have to rally to get the truth into the spotlight."

    Craig McKee is a journalist and the creator of the 9/11 blog Truth and Shadows.