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Written by AE911Truth Staff   
Saturday, 05 July 2014 05:00


Make this Independence Day a Celebration of 9/11 Truth

GFA-brochure-flipGFA brochureAll over the country this Independence Day, 9/11 Truth activists will be handing out a new brochure: "9/11 Truth: Good for America!" at Independence Day parades, picnics, and fireworks displays! We've got a patriotic message to share with our fellow Americans, and we are not shying away from our task this year. Join us in this nationwide public education effort!

The beautifully patriotic brochure comes complete with all positive benefits of the 9/11 Truth message — along with an insert highlighting the key evidence at the World Trade Center.

G4A-AA-Brochure-Insert copyTrust the Facts / Trust the Laws of Physics evidence insertActivists can download the artwork in color or black-and-white at no cost and print it locally, and with the color or black-and-white evidence insert if they choose. Local groups can also customize the back section in Photoshop with information on your own 9/11 Truth group!

You can order this large vinyl banner now from our store in wide style or sidewalk width.

SF-GFA-bannerSan Francisco 9/11 Truth activists and the GFA banner

San Francisco 9/11 Truth activists will be out in full force on Independence Day with you!

From inside the brochure:

Jefferson-GFAMounting forensic evidence, along with the testimony of thousands of experts in architecture, engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, physics, and related fields, has disproved the official narrative. The political and socio-economic changes that are resulting from the disclosure of what really happened on 9/11 are overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, after people process their initial shock at realizing that the World Trade Center evidence points to an internal operation — not the work of Muslim airplane-hijacking terrorists — they are often empowered by a newfound energy and zeal to act in positive ways that will benefit our country's future.


The artwork is available online for you to print your own signs – or you can order your signs today from our online store!


And you can print your own Good for America T-shirts at Café Press!

Join together with thousands of 9/11 Truth activists all over the country:





Download the artwork and customize with your group's information.

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We are more dedicated than ever to waking up the American people to the fraud that was committed in their name. We believe that the positive message of 9/11 can revolutionize the 9/11 Truth Movement. From the brochure:


Please do what you can this Independence Day along with the rest of us in every major metropolitan area in the country. We will be tabling, flyering, postering, freeway blogging — mostly at heavily attended Independence Day events. And we will also be continuing with this theme well after July!!

Start the new 9/11 Truth Movement now!
Spread the Good for America theme far and wide!