Our Verification Team Vets The Qualifications of all our AE Signers Print
Written by AE911Truth Staff   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 07:59

New-V-Team-PicAE911Truth Verification Team Volunteers - Elaine French, Mark Peterson and Laura NieboerAE911Truth now counts more than 2,100 architects and engineers (AEs) who have signed our petition for a new investigation into 9/11.

Another 18,000 members of the general public have added their names to the petition.

People sometimes ask us how we know that all those names are real people, and whether we check the credentials of people claiming to be AEs.

Working behind the scenes, committed members of our verification team check the identity, intent, and credentials of each person who signs the petition. They keep detailed records of all steps in the verification process.

V-team members begin by carefully reading a petition application, paying special attention to the person's technical biography and his/her statement about 9/11. Our current policy requires that people provide a biography and statement to be listed on the petition.

The V-team is led by Laura Nieboer, a librarian from the Los Angeles area. She personally verifies the identity and credentials of each non-US AE petition signer. The verification of one foreign AE can involve several emails, an occasional Skype phone call, and the translation of foreign language diplomas into English. Laura works closely with Sandra Jelmi from the translation team, as Sandra has access to a wide range of foreign language-speaking volunteers.

Laura also runs the V-team's weekly conference call, with Blake Shatto recording the minutes. During the conference call, V-team members discuss interesting or unusual petition signers. Between calls, team members consult by email. Steve Olsen, leader of our web team, provides frequent training on the use of our database.

Elaine French, a retired international flight attendant from Nevada, is responsible for the verification of domestic AEs. She speaks with every petition signer on the phone and checks with state licensing boards to determine if the supporter is a licensed architect or engineer. Those who are not licensed must have a bachelor's degrees (or higher) in architecture or engineering. Also, we ask them to send us digital copies of their diplomas to prove their credentials.

Elaine is assisted by Mark Peterson, a realtor from Utah. Mark contacts the National Student Clearinghouse to confirm the degrees of any signers who are unable to provide their credentials to Elaine. Since Mark speaks fluent French, he sometimes helps Laura with the verification of French AEs.

Dave Fura, an engineer from Portland, verifies all Oregon AEs; he has developed an active group of AEs in that state. The AE verification process can sometimes be completed in a day, but it often takes weeks or months.

LailaAE911Truth Verification Team Volunteer Laila SelkLaila Selk, a retired firefighter from the San Francisco area, verifies the identity of members of the general public who are not AEs. She has verified many scientists, academics, government and military supporters who have expertise in areas other than architecture and engineering. Their names are posted on the petition for the general public, along with the names of AEs who don't quite meet our qualifications for the AE petition.

In sum our verifications team performs a valuable service for AE911Truth. If you have signed our petition, you've come into contact, without even realizing it, with one of these hard-working and dedicated volunteers