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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    AE911Truth Reaches Out to New York City’s “Left Forum” Print E-mail
    Written by AE911Truth Staff   
    Friday, 23 August 2013 16:55

    Political Activists Exposed to Explosive 9/11 Evidence

    Left Forum 1Many of the thousands who attended the 2013 Left Forum were greeted by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The banner on the wall says, “You can’t stop FBI repression, Islamophobia, militarization, drones, NDAA, or war without first exposing the truth about 9/11.”In our latest effort to educate political groups about 9/11, members of three Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth teams talked with attendees at the 2013 Left Forum for three days in New York City. The Forum, which was held in the eviscerated shadow of the former World Trade Center Twin Towers, provided an excellent opportunity for the AE911Truth Public Outreach Team, the Presenter Team, and the New York City Action Group to educate political activists on the mainstream left about what brought those buildings down.

    The organizers of the Left Forum promote the event as the largest annual conference that welcomes a broad spectrum of intellectuals, activists, academics, and organizations from the left and progressive end of the political spectrum. Conference participants discussed a wide range of perspectives about society, the world and its future. They identified differences, points in common, and alternatives to current situations, and they shared ideas for understanding and transforming the world.

    One of the volunteers for AE911Truth, Wayne Coste, P.E., said, “We put together a banner specifically for this conference that said, ‘You can’t stop FBI repression, Islamophobia, militarization, drones, NDAA, or war without first exposing the truth about 9/11’ because this is what many of the people who come here want to do.”Left Forum 2-360wAt the AE911Truth table, activists Henry Platsky and David Slesinger played a video loop of the destruction of WTC7 that led to interesting conversations with Left Forum visitors With the evidence and explanations presented by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth volunteers, many of the attendees now have a better understanding of how exposing the explosive destructon of the WTC skyscrapers can help in their effort to change the world.

    Henry Platsy, the AE911Truth New York Action Group coordinator, said, “All in all, I think it went very well. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is clearly known in the political left. We knew this because of all of the people who came by and told us, ‘Oh, we know about 911,’ all of the people who stopped to communicate, and all of the people who took literature. We are there, and there to stay.”

    One of the frequently heard questions from those unfamiliar with the 9/11 evidence was, “If what you say is true, why hasn’t somebody spoken up?” While this is a legitimate question, the answer is easy to understand and has been discussed recently in an AE911Truth article about whistleblowers.

    David Slesinger, the AE911Truth Public Outreach Coordinator, explained his strategy in reaching out to Left Forum attendees with the 9/11 evidence. “I am appealing to the left’s strong anti-racism attitudes,” he said.
    Many visitors opposed the demonization of Islam in media and politics, so David raised the issue of Islamophobia to those who approached the table:

    “Have you heard a new way of confronting Islamophobia? If we could show that Arabs and Muslims are not the 9/11 culprits, it would undercut the Islamophobia fomenting our current imperial ventures and undercutting our civil liberties. I’m with Architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth. We now have nearly 2,000 architects and engineers, vetted and verified, who say the towers were likely destroyed by controlled demolition. This is a link to our most successful video, Experts Speak Out, which was the most viewed and most shared video on PBS nationally for several weeks last fall. So what work or activism do you do?"

    Left Forum 3-360wHenry Platsky and David Slesinger engage an attendee who is interested in learning more about the explosive 9/11 evidenceMany people we met at the conference were active in the 9/11Truth movement, including a young videographer and a number of veterans. We met New Yorkers who began exposing the WTC demolitions before the founding of AE911Truth. David said, “We were reminded that, for all my regular complaints that the movement lacks courage, it takes courage just to live in New York. Two of the veterans I mentioned talk louder than I do. We need more New Yorkers.”

    Many people walked by who were unwilling to discuss the evidence. When David engaged attendees in conversation about 9/11, he usually explained, “Every left journal is hostile to us.” If they asked why, he said, “They prefer the “blowback theory” because that reinforces the perception that US imperialism is terrible, and finally someone stood up to it. I like the idea of someone standing up to imperialism, but it’s just not true in regards to 9/11. Those journals need to be concerned about the truth, or they should face the fact they don’t deserve subscribers.”

    One young person, who seemed to be associated with the WBAI table, expressed pride in dropping out of high school. Sad to say, he also refused to respect a scientific discussion about 9/11.

    David developed a flyer that called on political activist Noam Chomsky, one of the headline speakers at the Forum, to acknowledge the WTC controlled demolition hypothesis and its implications on Islamic relations. Left Forum 4-recap-280wNoam Chomsky was one of the featured speakers whom David Slesinger challenged to examine the 9/11 evidence and call for a real investigation “I was a student of Noam’s, and he has earned a great deal of respect from me,” David explained. “This critique is done with love and respect in order to urge Noam to reconsider how exposing the truth about 9/11 would undercut the Islamophobia that is being fanned in the media with no answer from the left.”

    In a recent interview with Chomsky, former AE911Truth office volunteer and current RT TV host Abby Martin noted that the Taliban had offered to give up bin Laden if the United States could prove he did 9/11. Chomsky responded that bin Laden’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks should be looked into. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed at next year's Forum.

    As many readers of The Blueprint know, the 9/11 evidence is shunned by political organizations and media outlets on the left and right. However, with the groundbreaking ReThink911 ad campaign about to launch, both sides of the left-right paradigm will have to come to terms with the most important issue facing our country today. In September, many of the Left Forum attendees will face questions about the official 9/11 story that are too massive to ignore.