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    48 Concurrent Press Conferences around the Globe?! Print E-mail
    Written by Abby Martin   
    Monday, 22 March 2010 00:00

    The news that was heard around the world on February 19th- Over 1,000 Architects & Engineers Now Support a New 9/11 Investigation!

    Can you think of the last time you heard news so big that 48 different press conferences took place all around the world to deliver it? On February 19th, 2010, AE911Truth signatories and supporters held press conferences in 48 different locations everywhere from San Francisco to Wellington, New Zealand to bring media attention to a momentous achievement- 1,000 architects and engineers are calling for a new, independent investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11/01.

    This historic press conference was conducted concurrently in 19 states, 6 countries, and 48 locations worldwide! Along with holding press conferences on that day, AE911Truth members also hand delivered the AE911Truth petition, signed by over 1,000 architects and engineers, to their local representatives. The day was an enormous success and had widespread coverage from both mainstream and independent media outlets. Here are just some of the highlights.

    San Diegans for 911 Truth members presented the AE911Truth petition on the Hall of Justice steps in downtown San Diego. A Sheriff came out to join the group and eagerly listened as they read the release. Sheriff Pinsky proceeded to engage in an encouraging discussion with the participants about the evidence of controlled demolition and thanked them for being there. SD911Truth leaders Mike Copass and Ted and Nelisse Muga anchored the event for the incredible and ever present SD truth team.

    In Los Angeles, 15 AE911Truth dedicated activists attempted to hand deliver the petition and press release to Dianne Feinstein's office but were surprisingly met by 9 police officers and security personnel who refused to let them enter the building. Being the constitutionalist that he is, AE911Truth supporter Jeremy Rothe-Kushel asked why Feinstein's constituents couldn't enter a public office to give her the paper documents. He was told that although her office was public, the building was privately owned. The members persisted and engaged in many lively discussions, hopefully turning on a few lightbulbs. Great job Los Angeles! What's next?

    After reading the press release at the Wisconsin state capitol building, 9/11 Researcher Kevin Barrett and AE911Truth architect/ signatory Tom Spellman met with Senator Herb Kohl's assistant Ryan Knocke for 30 minutes! According to Barrett, Knocke appeared extremely interested as they summarized the overwhelming evidence for controlled demolition. Knocke also reacted very strongly to Josh, a AE911Truth supporter and Afghanistan war veteran who still suffers from injuries he sustained while serving in combat. Moved by Josh's story and the presented evidence from Barrett and crew, Kohl's assistant asked for the contact information of all the architects and engineers in Wisconsin who had signed the petition! Terrific job Kevin, Tom and Josh.

    In Hartford, CT, AE911Truth members were surprised to find themselves in an elevator with Representative John Larson and his staff while leaving the building after dropping off the petition to his secretary. They jumped on the unique opportunity to speak one on one with the Congressman and proceeded to quickly lay out the facts about the material they had left.

    In Boston, MA, AE911Truth members delivered the 1,000+ member petition to the office of Congressman Barney Frank.




    Dedicated members of AE911Truth braved the biting cold to hold a press conference at Rep. Judy Biggert's office in Willowbrook, IL.

    AE911Truth board member Kevin Ryan along with the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington member Byron Bangert meet with Congressman Baron Hill's field rep Jason Carnes in Bloomington, IN. Interestingly enough, Representative Baron Hill occupies the congressional seat held for 35 years by Lee Hamilton, vice chairman of the 9/11 commission.

    Mike Stevens read the AE911Truth press release and presented the petition to Congressman Daniel Boren's office in Muskogee, OK.


    In Denver, CO, Buddy Moore hand delivers the AE911Truth petition, with all 1,000 names listed, to a staffer at the offices of Senator Michael F. Bennet.

    Jon Fox presents the petition to Rep. Mike Coffman in Lone Tree, CO.

    Colorado rocks again. Yet another press conference takes place in Thornton, CO where the AE911Truth press release is read in front of Congressman Jared Polis' office.

    In Tampa, FL another AE911Truth press conference is held and the petition is given to the office of Senator Bill Nelson.

    AE911Truth's Philip Johnson gives his press release at Rep. Shea-Porter's office in Dover, NH.

    Congressman Jim McDermott's office in Seattle, WA accepts the petition and press release during this meeting with AE911Truth supporters. In addition to McDermott, copies of the petition were subsequently delivered by constituents to the offices of Congressman Jay Inslee, and Congressman Rick Larsen. The event was covered in a local newspaper called Washington Free Press. Keep up the good work Seattle!

    Patrick Borden and friends, ardent supporters of AE911Truth, deliver the AE911Truth press release outside of the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. That same day, his team also manned an AE911Truth booth at Robson Square and engaged with hundreds of Olympics fans.

    In Hamilton, Ontario, Religious Studies Professor Graeme MacQueen reads the official press release. May Day Magazine, a local newspaper in Ontario came to cover it, but we have yet to see a story.

    To check out the other great photos from all concurrent worldwide press conferences, please visit our official AE911Truth Flickr page.

    Please take a look at all the great AE911Truth member press conference videos along with the official AE911Truth footage from San Francisco on our YouTube channel under the playlist 1000AEs Press Conference.

    Ever since the inception of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in 2006, founder Richard Gage, AIA has been working tirelessly to reach out and educate A/E's and others around the world about the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers. Some have deemed him the Paul Revere of the 9/11 Truth movement for his perseverance in gaining a groundswell of thousands of supporters.

    This landmark accomplishment of 1,000 architects and engineers signed on to the AE911Truth petition is a crucial milestone for the 9/11 truth movement. The unstoppable momentum of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth is now growing exponentially as thousands continue to wake up to this information in the aftermath of the milestone press conference. AE911Truth's achievement of hosting 48 simultaneous press conferences worldwide to address this goal has brought the movement to a tipping point - 1,000 architects and engineers can no longer be ignored by the government, the scientific community, and the world.

    Special thanks to all the signatories, members, volunteers and supporters worldwide who participated in concurrent press conferences and who continue to wake up the world to the AE911Truth myth-shattering message.

    If you have any video footage, photos, or stories from participatory February 19th press conferences, please e-mail them to us.