9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out DVD Now Available at Bulk Discount Print
Written by Dick Scar, BSAE   
Saturday, 09 March 2013 20:26
The 95-minute Experts Speak Out DVD in paper sleeves is now available in bulk at rock-bottom prices

Our blockbuster DVD, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, is now available in paper sleeves from the AE911Truth online store at bulk prices as low as $1.50 each!

AE911Truth has produced and distributed many DVDs since its founding, but none have had more impact than Experts Speak Out. After the Final Edition was released in May 2012, Director Richard Gage, AIA, and other 9/11 experts presented nationwide screenings of the video during a 32-city world premiere tour.

Experts Speak Out made its broadcast TV premiere on Colorado Public TV in September, 2012. It soon soared to become the #1 watched and shared film on PBS.org, even beating out the popular drama, Downtown Abbey. The video has received more than one million views on PBS.org, and there are currently at least a dozen other PBS stations interested in airing it this year. Others are likely to join the list, due to the active outreach efforts by AE911Truth supporters.

Experts Speak Out reached #1 on PBS last year, and now you can make it the top film in your outreach efforts with this special discount offer

This 95-minute DVD has been available in our on-line store in a cased, double-disk package with a bonus 2-hour disk, entitled Meet the Experts, which includes extended interviews with the 50 experts included in the main documentary, for $21.95.

We encourage all of our supporters to hand out these low-cost, high- volume, power-packed DVDs and educate the public with great vigor – the sooner, the better.
– Richard Gage, AIA

And now, Experts Speak Out is offered in a paper sleeve for $10 each – and for as little as $1.50 each for 100 or more. Click here to buy it now!

This is an opportunity to have copies of this popular disk available for giving to anyone you may happen to encounter. There’s no better way to educate the public – and in such a credible format. Gage noted: “Give them to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers who actually promise to watch them. Everybody who does, and who has even half of an open mind, agrees that the evidence is compelling and ends up joining our call for a new investigation.”

The original two-disk DVD set provides extended interviews with 9/11 experts

Our first major DVD, the 2-hour research edition of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, and its 1-hour Companion Edition have long been available in paper sleeves for as low as $1.50 each. Other DVDs available at low bulk prices include the February 2010 San Francisco Press Conference and the mini-documentary Solving the Mystery of WTC7.

You should also consider presenting a copy of Experts Speak Out to your local newspaper, broadcast station, or elected officials. Everyone should have an opportunity to become aware of this myth-shattering scientific evidence.