Upcoming Speaking Events and DVD Releases Print
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Friday, 07 May 2010 00:46

Emphasis will shift to the development of several DVDs over the next couple of months. There will be speaking events featuring architect Richard Gage, AIA, with his groundbreaking work, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth –The Architecture of Destruction, in June and July, prior to some very exciting international engagements into the Fall. Specifics include: Tucson, AZ Jun 26, 2010; Las Vegas, NV July 17, 2010; and South Africa Sep 1, 2010, and the Architect Africa Film Festival 2010.

On October 8th Mr. Gage will be interviewed in China on national prime time TV. on The show is “Dialogue”—China’s “60 Minutes” with 1.1 billion viewers–followed by a multi–city speaking tour. The Chinese sponsors have already translated our DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, and are expected to be ready for the demand. We need your financial support to make this historic trip, to speak to an audience 4 times the size of the US population, a reality. Remember—donations are deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

AE911Truth is pleased to announce that we will be rolling out our next exciting DVD in June which immortalizes the historic San Francisco Press Conference on February 19,2010, including the spectacular speakers luncheon packed with the stories from our architect and engineer petition signers. Presentations at the press conference include architect Richard Gage, AIA, emeritus professor/physicist Steven Jones, emeritus professor/theologian David Ray Griffin, and the founder of Firefighters for 911 Truth, Erik Lawyer. This event marked the momentous milestone of 1,000 architect and engineer petition signers as well as providing the focus for the 48 concurrent press conferences were held across the country and abroad. Check the store early in June for availability.

We are also in the initial stages of creating a new DVD, Witness for Truth—Experts Speak Out, which will feature 50 of our most highly qualified credentialed petition signers including high rise architects, structural engineers, metallurgists, chemists, physicists, firefighters, demolition experts, etc. among us—who will be speaking out one by one on all the topics of the scientific evidence in this informative new DVD to be released before September 11, 2010.

And the third DVD that we are working will be a joint release by FF911Truth and AE911Truth to be filmed on the special night announced near the top of this article, where Erik Lawyer and Richard Gage, AIA, will be presenting together in two Bay Area cities.