AE911Truth on Public Access TV Print
Written by Mike Marino   
Monday, 24 August 2009 00:00

Make it Happen in Your Community

How would you like thousands of people in your local community to see 9/11: Blueprint for Truth? It is so easy to do. In fact, Public Access Cable TV is a great community resource that we can use to reach millions of people all across the country.

Here is our plan:

Obtain a copy of the 9/11: Blueprint for Truth "Companion Edition" from the online store today. It contains the cable-ready one-hour segment — in addition to the 10 and 30 minute versions.

This comes shipped with a free additional copy of the DVD in envelope to submit to your public access station. You don't even have to have a cable TV subscription. Every resident is entitled to submit programs to their local station. And they will generally air it fairly quickly. Call your local station and ask them for the procedure for submitting your program to them to air it. Ask them to mail you three copies of the agreement. At the top of the agreement write in a request that it be aired between 7 and 9 PM (and if possible on Wednesday nights). Fill in and submit along with the DVD. Easy!They typically grant two airings.

After the broadcast(s), call back and obtain additional agreements for re-airing. This can be done weekly or monthly depending on their policy When you get your air dates email them to our Public Access Coordinator at AE911Truth, and we will log it on the national calender on at Let's get the evidence out to millions across the country. Do your part today.