Now in our Store: Nanothermite: What in the World is High-Tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust Clouds Generated on 9/11/2001? Print
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Monday, 24 August 2009 00:00

This powerful DVD now available at our online store contains the dynamic multimedia presentation given by Dr. Steven Jones in Sacramento, CA, on April 30, 2009. Included are follow-up Q & A and three bonus tracks.

Steven Jones, Ph.D., Physics Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University, brilliantly presents his carefully researched new discoveries made as he analyzed the dust from the World Trade Center buildings, which was destroyed on 9/11/2001. Jones discusses the controversial new article in the peer-reviewed Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal – the result of 18 months of intensive scientific collaboration – exposing "the loaded gun of 9/11."

An especially interesting part of this DVD is the reactions to Prof. Jones' findings by fellow faculty colleagues at Brigham Young University, as well as the way pressure was brought to bear on the university to silence any efforts to make these findings known to the public.

The beauty of the photos and the depth of understanding are breathtaking. The implications of this new peer-reviewed paper are profound.

Nanothermite, a highly engineered energetic nanocomposite, was conceived around 1990. By 2000 it had been weaponized and manufactured in top secret military laboratories. This nano-engineered form of thermite does not just burn extremely hot, it explodes.

Jones also updates us on various facets of the quest to repudiate the "official conspiracy theory" about 9/11, and describes current efforts to create a legitimate investigation with real subpoena power. This DVD is a must-have.