Public Outreach Teams Print
Saturday, 05 March 2011 21:41

Are you interested in designing and working on a project in any of these areas?

Conference / convention development: Make long and short lists of conventions, professional organizations and relevant scientific, engineering, architecture, building trades, journalism, firefighting, law enforcement, library, human rights, civil liberties and peace conferences that are worth attending.

Military and Veterans: make list of the nonprofit military support organizations and perform outreach to them.

Social Media (Facebook, Myspace, Linked in): We have over 30,000 Facebook members, and our manager is open to suggestions to use these supporters optimally.

Christian, Muslim, and Jewish outreach to analyze which major organizations and individual places of worship or study we should do.

Labor groups: This is our weakest angle. We should list labor organizations that we can outreach to, and which person is qualified by personal connection to make the first step.

Letters to Editor Program: Have someone or a team generate or find one letter per month to send to those who agree to submit every letter they get to a local paper or website of minimal size.

Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) TV Outreach: Take Denver’s example and volunteer in a demure way to answer the phone on PBS local fundraising.  People could travel and stay overnight to volunteer 2 full days.  After respect is earned, evidence can be presented in larger and larger amounts.

Radio & TV Advertising
: Individuals can go on a website and pay surprisingly low  amounts easily for a 30 second spot on a national or major metropolitan TV or radio to put our Ed Asner or replacement spot on with trivial time involved.  Publicity in various forms could advertise this as a place to give reasonable funds to have a measurable effect.  Larger organizations or individuals could have significant impact due to hacing more anonymously.

Magazine and Newspaper Advertising:   1.) A respected advertising professional who developed the ‘This is an Orange” campaign will donate his time to fully design, with our approval at each step; various types of print ads, for outdoor highway signs, subway signs, high school and college newspapers and newspaper’s websites, and professional journals, if the requested ad has a guaranteed budget for production.  The ads would be available for the second, third, etc location.

2.) Alumni of a college could fund an ad in the student paper offering a large enough to be interesting monetary prize for the best essay on the problem of freefall acceleration or symmetrical collapse, or pulverization of the concrete or a prize for one narrowly defined physical cause each semester and another the next semester for the best eight single physical causation issues over each 4 years. Continue to do the same eight every four years.

Product Marketing, Domestic & International: 1.) Not only does finding new products to sell mean we can accomplish our goals quicker, a larger variety of goods means that more events are worth attending by store representatives. Did you know we had A&E lip balm?

2.) Finding big time distributors with relationships with major retail outlets both brick and mortar and psyber realms in the US and abroad are needed.

Specialty outreach:  Critiquing the pro-OCT curricula in schools. Our adversaries have curricula promoting the OCT in secondary and maybe even elementary schools. Teachers and emeritus teachers could at least evaluate what is being used so some people can respond with critiques and pass them out at teachers conventions. If you make this team happen, the team will give you its ultimate nerd award.

If one of these potential groups sounds interesting to you, please sign up to volunteer:

1. Sign the AE911Truth petition.

2. Fill out the volunteer form.