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AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter | Vol. XXIV | Late-April 2011 
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AE911Truth Action Groups spring up across Midwest in the wake of our cross-country tour this month; several new media opportunities blossom for us this spring including Richard Gage, AIA, on FOX News TV Detroit; WeAreChange Atlanta hosts AE911Truth, Cynthia McKinney, Luke Rudkowski on May 21; AE911Truth Celtic Tour heats up for mid-June – stop in Amsterdam is added.

• AE911Truth Midwest Tour Winds Up in Motor City with
     Fox TV Media Splash
• UC Davis Guest Speaker Challenges Students, Questions
     Official Explanation for 9/11 Towers’ Destruction
• Upcoming Events: AE911Truth, NYC CAN and
     WeAreChange Turn Up the Heat This Summer

AE911Truth Midwest Tour Winds Up in Motor City with Fox TV Media Splash

by Staff

After our last update in mid-April of our ten-city tour of the Midwest we continued successfully with more of the explosive evidence delivered into the heart of America in Kansas City, with our final stop in Motor City, Detroit.

We were greeted in Kansas City by the awesome 9/11 Truth team led by Reed Simpson, Stuart Auld, and Larry Sells, the owner of the historic Uptown Theater – the upscale venue for our live multimedia presentation of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth.


UC Davis Guest Speaker Challenges Students, Questions Official Explanation for 9/11 Towers’ Destruction

by Shawn Hamilton

Last quarter, AE911Truth volunteer coordinator Mark Graham visited my writing class at UC Davis to introduce my students to the possibility that the Twin Towers and Building 7 had been explosively demolished. I hadn’t talked to my class about 9/11 much before that occasion, but since we were discussing evidence and how it’s used to support a writer’s thesis, I thought this would make an interesting example. I had pointed out to students that even the most unconventional thesis can be legitimately proposed as long as there is evidence of sufficient quality to support it – astounding ideas like the Earth is round, for example, or Galileo’s astonishing claim that Jupiter has moons. People may refuse to look at the evidence if they are psychologically unable to accept it, but eventually the truth or falsity of such claims will emerge.


Upcoming Events: AE911Truth, NYC CAN and WeAreChange Turn Up the Heat This Summer

by Eli Rika

AE911Truth and WeAreChange join forces with Congresswoman McKinney

On May 21, AE911Truth will be bringing the compelling case for the explosive controlled demolition of the WTC skyscrapers to Atlanta for a unique event. Engineering Change: A Blueprint for 9/11 Truth will be held at First Iconium Baptist Church, where Richard Gage, AIA, will join with former Georgia Congresswoman and Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney and WeAreChange founder Luke Rudkowski for an enlightening presentation. WeAreChange Atlanta is sponsoring this symposium, which has the potential to renew the fervor in the Deep South for an independent 9/11 investigation.


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