Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
    Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    AE911Truth – Recent Successes Print E-mail
    Written by CCP User   
    Sunday, 08 November 2009 00:00

    As public demand grows, AE911Truth is receiving mounting requests for appearances, coast to coast as well as internationally. Last month was no exception.

    October 23rd brought Mr. Gage to Albuquerque, NM, for a live broadcast interviewseen on public access TV, Channel 27's 9/11: Myth vs. Reality program. Mr. Gage discussed some of the key evidence of typical and atypical controlled demolitions: freefall acceleration, molten metal, iron spheres, and the red-gray nanothermite chips found in the World Trade Center dust, none of which should be present in an ordinary office fire — even with jet fuel. There is no precedent for a fire-induced collapse of a steel-framed skyscraper.

    On Saturday October 24th, the much-anticipated presentation at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) in Socorro, NM took a few twists. Kathy McGrade, an alumna of New Mexico Tech specializing in metallurgy, arranged a 9/11: Blueprint for Truthlive multimedia presentation during the school's annual 49ers Celebration and Alumni Homecoming Weekend. Mr. Gage and Ms. McGrade were to make a joint presentation immediately after the alumni luncheon. A decision was made by Van Romero, Vice President for Research and Economic Development at NM Tech, to allow a half hour for Dave Thomas, another alumnus of NM Tech, to present an opposing viewpoint after Mr. Gage's presentation. Romero is notable for hisretraction of his initial agreement with many observers that the Twin Towers' destruction must have been accomplished with explosives. This change of opinion has not been explained satisfactorily. An attempt to call Mr. Romero for comment failed when the phone number provided on the web site proved out of service.

    The event opened with Ms. McGrade giving a ten-minute introduction on the undisputed facts of the events occurring at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Given the time constraints, Mr. Gage's half-hour presentation focused only on Building 7.

    As always, Mr. Gage began with a show of hands prior to his presentation. Thirty-one attendees were present for the initial show of hands, in which Mr. Gage asked specifically about the destruction of the Twin Towers. Seventeen believed the official explanation of collapse due to plane impacts and fire, eight were unsure, and only six agreed with the explosive demolition hypothesis.

    After Mr. Gage's WTC 7 presentation, in which he discussed such evidence as freefall acceleration, molten metal, iron spheres and evidence of nanothermite in the dust, a second show of hands produced seven individuals who still believed in the official story, twelve who were unsure, and nine who agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition. While the two polls in this situation were about two different sets of buildings (the Twin Towers vs. Building 7), they nevertheless indicated a marked move toward agreement with the explosive evidence presented. Evidently, three people either did not vote or left prior to this second count.

    Next it was Mr. Thomas' turn to speak. After introducing himself and his achievements, Mr. Thomas spent time talking about conspiracies in general. His remaining time dealt primarily with the Twin Towers. He brought up the Weidlinger report, a study commissioned by WTC leaseholder Silverstein Properties Inc. to support a $7 billion insurance claim. While the study correctly points out that the collapse of the South Tower did not cause or contribute to the subsequent collapse of the North Tower, the report itself is not without contradictions and inaccuracies. Mr. Thomas did not address the abundance of iron spheres found and reported by numerous agencies, and was evidently unaware that NIST had acknowledged that Building 7 had collapsed at free-fall acceleration for a substantial percentage of its descent.

    Packed into his presentation were comparisons of science vs. pseudo-science. Ironically, he made reference to the experiments done by the Energetic Materials Research and Training Center (EMRTC), a research division of New Mexico Tech, which performs testing of high explosives, bombs, and other munitions, on behalf of the National Geographic Channel (NGC). Too few of the general public are aware that an entire hour's worth of evidence for controlled demolition presented to NGC by Mr. Gage, as highlighted in the DVD 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, was never aired nor addressed in the two-hour long "hit piece."

    Mr. Thomas also referred to an obscure paper by Ramon Gilsanz, P.E., S.E., published in the November 2007 edition of Structure Magazine, titled Single Point of Failure. Interestingly, Mr. Gilsanz was involved in the cleanup at Ground Zero, the selection of WTC steel remnants for analysis, the ASCE-FEMA WTC report, and the subsequent NIST report. While Gilsanz's paper was published nearly ten months prior to NIST's final draft report on Building 7, it contains the same theory of failure of a single column. Mr. Gage was struck by the fact that Mr. Thomas used this paper, rather than refer to NIST's final report of November 2008, in which the issue of freefall was admitted after Dr. Sunder was cornered by David Chandler of AE911Truth.

    After the subsequent 20-minute Q&A session, Dave Thomas, of the opposing view, initiated a final show of hands to determine the consensus regarding the Twin Towers, which resulted in the following: sixteen believed in the official story, eight were unsure and six agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition.

    The result of this poll reflects the fact that Mr. Gage did not have enough time to present the evidence of the Twin Towers' destruction, rendering the final poll somewhat irrelevant. In addition, three people walked into the room during the Q&A period, completely uninformed, and yet were allowed to vote (and they voted for the official explanation). Normally 85 - 90% of technical and lay audiences move toward agreement with the controlled demolition hypothesis.

    After the event, Gage gave Romero and Thomas a copy of the nanothermite paper, the 29 Structural/Civil Engineers paper, and a 9/11: Blueprint for Truth DVD.

    In a follow-up communication, Mr. Thomas has tentatively agreed to a formal debate with Mr. Gage, which may be televised on public TV in March of 2010. AE911Truth is delighted that a degreed technical professional such as Mr. Thomas is willing to debate the issue. AE911Truth will require that such debates focus on the evidence for and against controlled demolition, that the opponent be a qualified technical professional, such as Mr. Thomas, and that our opponents be familiar with the evidence for controlled demolition as well as the NIST final report on Building 7.

    On Sunday, October 25, it was back to Albuquerque for a presentation at the University of New Mexico's Centennial Engineering Center (link no longer working) Auditorium, with its sleek, high-tech facility featuring six LCD screens augmenting the massive projector screen. The event was organized in only four days — a remarkable achievement made possible by the awesome local Albuquerque truth group headed by Robert Martin. The two-hour presentation, followed by a half-hour Q&A, was attended by fifty-one people, including four architects and ten engineers. Five in attendance were unaware of the destruction of Building 7. At the onset, a show of hands revealed that only a single person initially believed in the official story, twenty-six were unsure and twenty-four agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition. After the engaging presentation, no one believed the official story, only five people remained unsure, and forty-six agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition. This is typical of the 85%-90% success rate AE911Truth has had in more than 110 presentations.

    Everyone was invited to the AE911Truth Southwest Regional Strategy Meeting which convened immediately following the presentation. As is customary, anAE911Truth banner was presented to a local truth group; this time, to the spontaneously formed Albuquerque chapter of WeAreChange. Congratulations, WeAreChange Albuquerque!

    The last leg of this tour brought AE911Truth to the heartland of America, in Overland Park, Kansas, on Tuesday, October 27. The event was arranged by the student body association of Johnson County Community College. The administration was initially reluctant, but acquiesced and funding was provided. Thanks to student advocates Will Suarez and Tomoe Urano for organizing this event. Ninety-seven were in attendance, including one architect and five engineers; seven people were unaware of Building 7. A show of hands at the onset revealed that ten people initially believed in the official story, fourteen were unsure and seventy-three agreed with the evidence for controlled demolition. After the presentation, only two remained convinced of the official story — a debunker and his girlfriend — sitting front and center. Seven people remained unsure, and eighty-eight agreed that controlled demolition was responsible for the three WTC towers' destruction.

    During the Q&A, the debunker asked good questions, but claimed AE911Truth was completely refuted by National Geographic Channel, a claim that those in the know find somewhat amusing, considering that NGC was provided copious amounts of rock-solid evidence by Mr. Gage, yet they chose to show none of it in their two-hour presentation. Mr. Gage patiently explained why the experiments were not relevant, and mentioned that NGC is 60% owned by Fox Cable Network.

    The AE911Truth Midwest Regional Strategy Meeting commenced afterward, which about half the audience attended. Mr. Gage provided a live interview to a journalist from the JCCC school newspaper, The Ledger. It was encouraging to see such a turnout at both the speaking event and the strategy session, in the heartland of America.