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    ReThink911 Activists Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple Print E-mail
    Written by Andrew Steele and AE911Truth Staff   
    Sunday, 13 October 2013 02:52

    Seven NYC Street Events
    Culminate in Major Times Square Rally
    On 12th Anniversary of 9/11

    Editor's Note: The historic events in Times Square last month are just the beginning for the ReThink911 campaign. We are working on some exciting projects for the next few months that have the potential to eclipse the success of our NYC billboard effort. Donate now to help us take ReThink911 to the next level!

    On the twelfth anniversary of 9/11, a massive billboard mounted above Times Square asked New Yorkers if they were aware that a third New York skyscraper fell on that tragic day. For those who weren't already aware, the billboard was a curiosity that prompted them to rethink 9/11, if even for just a moment. For those who were aware, and who understood the implications of that third building's improbable destruction, the billboard was a symbol of collective triumph and a turning point in a massive effort to educate the public about the facts surrounding the most significant crimes in modern history.

    Amid the forest of colorful advertisements that glow over that busy section of the city, the simple message about World Trade Center Building 7 boldly asserted the fact that the truth about what happened on 9/11 will not go away.rethink-manhattanHundreds of Rethink911 activists made their presence felt on the streets of Manhattan with thought-provoking signs and banners It was part of the ReThink911 campaign — a global public awareness effort led by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and supported by a coalition of organizations, which included major ads in eleven other cities as well (from taxi tops to mass-transit posters to billboards), all of them asking the same simple question:

    "Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?"

    On 9/11 this year, the first of the activists began arriving early in the morning, across the street from the new World Trade Center complex, so that we could demonstrate our support for the message.

    ReThink911 New York Activities on 9/11/13

    8:00 AM: (A) Ground Zero. We held a silent vigil in memory of the 9/11 victims in front of St. Paul's Chapel.
    9:00 AM (B) City Hall. We Delivered the AE911Truth Petition and VIP Pack to all 51 members of the New York City Council, and challenged them to open a local NY Building 7 investigation.
    10:30 AM: (C) Democracy Now! We stopped by to encourage Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez to stop ignoring the evidence and to interview the experts.
    1:00 PM: (D) New York Times Building. We made our presence felt at the headquarters of one of America's most read newspapers. It has been five years since the last time the NY Times reported on the evidence of controlled demolition at the World Trade Center -- far too long for the paper it to ignore this important issue and still call itself a reputable newspaper.
    2:00 PM: (E) BBC and ABC Times Square Studios. Our message to ABC was: "Good Morning America! Did you know a third tower fell on 9/11?" You might not have, because it's rarely been reported since the afternoon of 9/11/01, when BBC announced its "collapse" 23 minutes before it came down.
    3:00 PM: (F) Fox News Headquarters. Geraldo Rivera stepped out of his comfort zone in 2011 by interviewing members of AE911Truth and the Remember Building 7 campaign on his Fox News show. This time, our presence outside Fox News HQ was met with resistance from the pundits inside... but our resolve remained firm.
    4:00 PM: (G) MSNBC and NBC at Rockefeller Center. We delivered the 9/11 evidence to representatives of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Hopefully she has a change of heart and stops denigrating the 9/11 Truth movement. After all, if we can help Geraldo "wake up" to Building 7, then anything is possible.
    5:20 PM: (H) Times Square Rally: 9/11 – Ignoring the Evidence Is No Longer An Option. We ended the day with our climactic gathering of featured speakers underneath the ReThink911 billboard. Les Jamieson, Dr. William Pepper, Cynthia McKinney, Richard Gage, and other 9/11 Truth advocates gave compelling speeches.

    rg-w-freedon-towerIn the shadow of the new WTC Freedom Tower, Gage spoke to curious pedestrian commuters. Many seemed quite willing to hear about the free-fall of WTC7 and its relevance to their lives today. "There's two reasons why I come down to do this," said Steve, a resident of Syracuse, NY, who had traveled there to hand out 9/11 Truth materials. "Number one, I want to be able to die with a clear conscience. I want to be able to go to my grave knowing that I tried to get the truth out as much as possible, and also I think investigating 9/11 is still a very important issue because I think, if you really want to get to the heart of all the problems... if everybody just took the time to look at the evidence put out by the 9/11 Truth movement and can wrap their minds around it and understand it, then it would only follow from there that the first thing we need to do is find and arrest all of the criminals before we can solve any other problems that we have."

    Chad and Chrissy – supporters of AE911Truth who arrived in NYC from Ohio – said that the building destructions in New York were the biggest part of the crime that made them doubt the official story of 9/11.

    gage-w-nypdThe NYPD was very helpful to the ReThink911 activists – even encouraging our actions by making space for us during our media protests and rallies"For me, it was Building 7," said Chad.

    "It had to do with how the buildings came down," said Chrissy. "It's... how the buildings just came straight down... and how fast they came down."

    "The message is catching on; the free-fall of Building 7 defies physics, according to the official story, and the only way it's achieved in a building is if the resistance is taken away," commented Charlie from We Are Change NYC, whose group is at Ground Zero every Saturday educating the public about the facts surrounding 9/11.

    While many Americans may still be in the dark when it comes to Building 7 and the evidence proving that pre-planted explosives brought it down, corporate media entities have been made fully aware of it, thanks to the outreach efforts of various activists over the years. To erase any doubt about this, however, members of AE911Truth and other activists personally delivered the evidence to the doors of the biggest media entities in the world. Networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox News, as well as Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! program, were given AE911Truth's VIP packets, which included a copy of our latest documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.

    steve-n-tom-in-manhattanSteve and Tom arrived at Times Square from different sides of the country to join fellow activists in educating New Yorkers about WTC 7's destruction

    Most of those who stopped to talk to the demonstrators as they passed were receptive to the information. One even called them heroes.

    The wave of activists marching through the NYC street canyons was led by the founder of AE911Truth, Richard Gage, AIA, who exclaimed, "We're working our butts off trying to wake up a sleepy America."

    Gage also addressed the resistance some people have to discussing this important issue. "When people refuse to look at the evidence, it's an indication that denial and fear are in operation and that their worldview may be threatened by its implication. It is a dance that we have to do with some," he said.

    At the offices of News Corporation (Fox News) and NBC, Gage and others were ordered by security to leave when they tried to enter the lobby to deliver the information.

    Georgina, an activist who flew in from Phoenix for this event, declared at the News Corporation stop that "I came this far because of the Architects & Engineers – that maybe it will work with more of the professionals!"

    richard-rethinkRichard Gage gives a compelling speech under the ReThink911 billboard in Times Square

    On the street beneath the billboard, Russia TV International (RTVi) interviewed Gage about the ReThink911 campaign. The campaign itself was also covered online in a fair and neutral light by TIME Magazine and by CBS's local affiliate in Philadelphia. This demonstrates that the cracks are widening in the corporate media wall that has kept the issue of Building 7's destruction from being openly discussed for the past decade.

    Following the marches throughout the city and the stops along the way, a two-hour rally was held with more than 250 people beneath the towering billboard in Times Square, which featured speakers such as 9/11 activist Les Jamieson, architect Richard Gage, Tom Kiely and Lenny Charles of INN World Report, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Dr. William Pepper, among others. You can watch their inspiring speeches at this ReThink911.org video page.

    Although the street events in New York have passed, the ReThink911 campaign didn't simply end on the day of the 9/11 anniversary. It continues, not just in ongoing advertisements but in the voices of those people who are aware of the evidence and who are unafraid to speak out about it. Like a tell-tale heart, 9/11 Truth reminds America that while some may claim "everything changed" on 9/11, the laws of physics didn't change, and Building 7's destruction is the smoking gun indicating that a much more dire series of crimes that took place on that day.

    Unlike the majority of the corporate media that has spent the last several years trying to convince Americans to move on from the event and look no deeper than what they and the U.S. government has spoon-fed us, the ReThink911 campaign and Architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth continue to beat a drum in the ears of the public, citing universal scientific laws and invoking common sense to wake more and more people up to what has really happened.

    An engineer from Maine sailed his boat down to NYC so he could be among those counted for 9/11 Truth. After five years, he finally signed the petition, joining 2,000 A/E's calling for a new WTC investigation. At the gathering outside the News Corporation office, he explained,

    "I thought about my future career and how this might affect me....I've always thought about this as being something that might hold me back, but I started thinking that quite possibly, looking at some of the new numbers (of petition signers) that lots of people are turned onto this information...that possibly a future employer could see my name online and think that I was someone that he would like to have on his workforce because of this information".

    richard-w-firemanThis firefighter from came from Florida to honor his 340 fallen brothers who fell on 9/11 and to call for a new WTC investigation.

    Thanks to the ReThink911 campaign and the effort of all those who reminded the public about Building 7, a new mainstream attitude regarding 9/11 is taking shape. In fact, there was a significant outpouring of media coverage from Canada:

    "Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?": Ads questioning truth of 9/11 appear on Ottawa buses - 9/12/13

    Free speech protects "disrespectful" 9/11 conspiracy bus ads: Ottawa mayor - 9/12/13

    Ads questioning truth of 9/11 appear on OC Transpo buses - 9/12/13

    9/11 Conspiracy ad on Ottawa Buses and Toronto Billboard sparks outrage - 9/12/13

    CBC: Group behind 9/11 bus ad responds to criticism - 9/11/13 Last updated: Sep 13, 2013

    And from the U.S. and other countries, which included:

    Spanish site – El Universal – DE10

    NJ 101.5: Do You Think 9-11 Will Ever Be Forgotten? [POLL] - 9/10/13

    9/11 Conspiracy Theories Exposed - 9/10/13

    Rethink 9/11 initiative proves Americans still question the tragedy, demand further investigation - 9/11/13

    The Daily Paul – ReThink911 - 9/16/2013

    The Gilmer Mirror - N. Texas - 9/11/13 (press release)

    Chroniclejournal.com - The Third Tower - 9/11/13 – (no longer available online)

    Albany Democrat-Herald: Mailbag: An overlooked collapse - 9/12/13

    Global Research: Controversy in Canada: 9/11 Truth and Free Speech - 9/14/13

    As Charlie said, people are "waking up," but it seems a formidable uphill climb to move them to action en masse. We will never give up. We will continue to take the actions and the discussions wherever we have to. We must enable every American to rethink 9/11 and grasp the implications of what really happened at the World Trade Center.