Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Ben Swann, formerly of Cincinnati's FOX19, questions the official story of the collapse of the World Trade Center High-rises

    Ben Swann, formerly of Cincinnati's FOX19, has to admit that World Trade Center Building 7 probably did not collapse due to normal office fires as NIST would want us to believe

    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
    Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
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    FOX TV, Fresno,
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    FOX News
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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    Speaking the Language of 9/11 Truth in Europe: “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” Debuts in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch Print E-mail
    Written by Sandra Jelmi   
    Thursday, 10 November 2011 20:32
    The new multi-language edition of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth is an excellent tool for our European supporters to enlighten the public

    It’s been two years in the making and it is finally here! The six-language European Companion Edition of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth arrives on the scene just in time to inform an eager European community of truth seekers. This DVD is now available in our online store in PAL format only,and will offer AE911Truth’s groundbreaking presentation on the WTC skyscraper demolitions – complete with voice-overs in Spanish, German, French, Italian and subtitles in Dutch.

    This DVD includes the 10 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minute abridged segments from the seminal 2-hour Research Edition in English. Also included are three short, powerful video documentaries from physics teacher David Chandler that have been immensely popular among AE911Truth supporters.

    This European Edition also offers translated printable materials and CD-Rom content, including the “street brochure”, the key map cards and the evidence cards, all in PDF format. These materials can be printed locally and distributed at events, conferences, street actions or simply amongst family and friends who are still unaware of the explosive 9/11 evidence.

    The voice-over additions will allow many Europeans to hear Richard Gage, AIA, speaking their language for the first time. We expect thousands to become aware of the startling information in 2012 alone.

    Creating this DVD was an ambitious project from the beginning, as it was done solely with the help of volunteers. Despite their experience creating our other foreign language resources, many of them started from scratch learning the complexities of translating and producing video material.

    Although the far simpler task would have been to make subtitles for each language, we opted for voice-overs, because it was the elegant solution that conveys the information much more effectively. The Dutch version, our final addition, is in sub-titled format on the DVD.

    For the video production work, we relied on Chuck Smith, a Hollywood sound editor who ended up taking our involuntary crash course in PAL (European format) video editing and graduated with honors.

    The completion of the project relied on many players. Deborah Blake initially inspired us to action in 2009. Then Grazyna Samborska, a Polish-American architect, took the helm of the Translation Team for a time until it became my turn to help – from up here in Montreal. The relentless recruiting efforts of Austria’s Wibren Visser allowed us to find those dedicated people who never gave up, and Jasper den Dulk, from Denmark, was a cornerstone of the operation in many mission-critical ways.

    Whether you have a whole hour or just 10 minutes to present this solid case to your foreign language speaking friends, family, or associates, the six-language Companion edition should be an invaluable asset

    None of the languages would have made it onto this DVD without the continued dedication of the language coordinators, including Diana Castillo (Spanish), Fabio Palacino (Italian), Wico Valk (Dutch), and Wibren Visser (German), while I took care of all things French. Beyond those mentioned, there were dozens of translators, proof-readers and terminology specialists who dedicated vast amounts of time and effort to this critically important project. The skills and time that were volunteered would have otherwise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have stopped this project at its inception.

    The DVD is in PAL format, which means that it can be played on European DVD players, but is not compatible with most American units. However, many of the more recently produced DVD players can play both PAL and NTSC (American) formats, and most computers are able to play PAL.

    It is also quite exciting for us to announce that we have started working on our “International Edition” of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth! Many more languages will be added and will be in subtitled format, including Arabic, Bahasa, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. Farsi and Hebrew may also be added to the lineup, so stay tuned for more updates. If you would like to help with these or additional language translations be sure to let us know.

    The Translation Team also has its hands full with the translation of the series of more than 50 full-length interviews from the new AE911Truth DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. The final release of this documentary is imminent, signaling yet another important milestone project for our little team that could.

    I joined AE911Truth as a volunteer and I’ve coordinated the Translation Team for about a year now. We feel that 9/11 Truth is not only an American issue, but an international one that affects everyone in almost every part of the world. As such, it is tremendously important to reach people, no matter where they are, and no matter what language they speak. Educating the public on this issue is the key. If we want to achieve our goal of a real, impartial investigation into the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11, major pressure will have to emerge from concerned citizens all around the world. We hope that the European version of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth will become a major catalyst in making that goal a reality.

    AE911Truth runs on volunteer power. We are always looking for volunteers, be it for the Translation Team or one of its many other teams. Please check out the options at the Volunteer section of our web site and contact us if you would like to join us in any capacity.