Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

    Architects & Engineers:
    Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
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    Richard Gage Live on TV3 - The Masterplan Event

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    AE911Truth Europe Tour Highlights - The Netherlands Print E-mail
    Written by AE911Truth staff   
    Friday, 29 July 2011 02:13

    The Netherlands

    Before flying to the Netherlands we had to get oriented to the concept of this place and found the following entry from Wikipedia quite helpful:

    “The Netherlands is located in North-West Europe. Mainland Netherlands borders the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east, and shares maritime borders with Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The country capital is Amsterdam and the seat of government is The Hague.[8] The Netherlands in its entirety is often referred to as Holland, although North and South Holland are actually only two of its twelve provinces.”

    Holland arose from the power derived from windmills for centuries. The abundant winds over the lowlands (which is what the “Netherlands” means) were harnessed historically by more than 100,000 windmills to pump water, grind grains, saw wood, and do other work which the use of steam engines, and then electricity, rendered useless. Many of the old windmills were dismantled and recycled into other buildings. Government officials started realizing that they were historical monuments and required them to be preserved – but only when there were less than a thousand left. We saw a few of them and they are quite a treat to the eye.


    A different kind of power is being harnessed in Holland today by the amazing team of Wiko Valk, Aren Korver, Bas Bjgordijn, who went right to work when they found out about our trip across the pond. They contacted the local AE911Truth petition signers from the Amsterdam and Rotterdam area and grew the Delft AE911Truth Action Group into a veritable force majeure – leafleting throughout the areas, canvassing A/E firms, and securing interviews. They are quite a diverse team ranging from young to old and conservative to liberal.

    Richard Gage, AIA, was interviewed by “De Pers,” which means “The Press” in Dutch. Reporter Mark Zaremba provided objective reporting about our evidence in this second article and about the Amsterdam AE911Truth event. They even hosted embedded video players that showed their Internet viewers key short segments, including a short Fox TV interview, our 10-minute version of "9/11: Blueprint for Truth", and our historic 2006 two-hour long “Blueprint for Truth.” However, Zaremba also included a link to a hit piece about David Aaronovich’s “VooDoo Histories,” an expression used by the London Times to try to discredit organizations and individuals such as AE911Truth who are bringing to light these subjects that challenge the status quo.

    Most of the buildings in Holland like this multifamily housing project designed by Valk are sitting on a foundation called “piles,” in which hundreds of long concrete cylinders – like telephone poles - utilize the developed surface friction of the mud below against the side of the piles to support the massive weight of the building above.

    Architect Wico Valk was interviewed on Dutch BNR Radio in the Netherlands about the upcoming controversial AE911Truth presentations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We found that an amazingly high fraction of the Dutch speak very good English, but we were asked to slow down because they all have to go through a translation process in their head – especially with the technical information that we have to share.

    Valk has his own architecture firm. He recently designed many of the modern multifamily dwellings built on reclaimed land, in which The Netherlands is the world leader.

    Wico became interested in 9/11 after hearing 9/11: Blueprint for Truth. He explained in our interview of him why he thinks it is important to bring AE911Truth to the Netherlands:

    “We also have lost many soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq… and are fighting unjust wars. We must unite to bring out the truth about the WTC destruction to everybody – all around the world. We have to play our part here in Holland. I’m an architect. And to see the choice that another architect, Richard Gage, made one day when he first heard about this, after hearing David Ray Griffin speak on the radio about how the Towers fell. That made a great impression on me personally and I thought, well, this is something I can do – [use] my talent to make the world a better place. Now I’m thinking that I have to do something too. I have been provided an excellent example to follow. So I mobilized a lot of people in order to get AE911Truth to The Netherlands – and it’s working out extremely well – even before the presentation starts. Watching Gage give interviews to the newspapers is inspiring.”

    Gage interviewed another stalwart member of the group Aren Korfork, who says when asked why he has such passion for his 9/11 activism:

    “I don’t want to live in a world of fools – where people are fooled. I don’t want to be fooled myself. I don’t want to live among fools. It’s time to wake them up.”

    Before the presentation, we traveled to what many world leaders consider the seat of international justice – The International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague – and delivered, in front of the Peace Palace, a strong statement asking for international support for an investigation into the explosive destruction of the World Trade Center of 9/11.

    As private citizens we recognize that we do not have proper access to make a formal submittal to the ICC. However, its charter does allow it to act when participating countries’ courts are unwilling or unable to prosecute crimes such as we have uncovered regarding the WTC on 9/11. Such is the case in the US which, while not yet a signatory to the ICC, still, we hope and trust, is beholden to the conscience of the world. The event was not well covered by the press. Documents will be provided to the ICC as follow-up.

    The speaking events in Amsterdam and Rotterdam were well attended and the energy of the crowd was electric. A total of 235 people attended and before the presentations a total of 12 people believed the official theory and 62 were unsure. The remainder was already convinced by the evidence before coming. Afterward there were none who believed the official story and only 12 who were unsure.

    City, Country
    # of Attendees OCT before
    OCT after
    Unsure before
    Unsure after
    Unaware of WTC 7
    Rotterdam, Netherlands 81 5 0 25 7 18
    Amsterdam, Netherlands 154 7 0 37 5 24

    Eight architects and 42 engineers attended.

    What we keep finding in our presentations is that the evidence speaks for itself. All anyone needs to understand it is a high school education. You can present to the evidence to others quite easily with the educational tools that we have assembled for you. You don’t even need AE911Truth to come to your town or country to speak – just show the DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” at your home or local library and do your best to answer any questions!

    Amsterdam – Gage takes the traditional poll of the audience finding that absolutely no one believed the official conspiracy theory after the presentation

    This gallery of photos from the event will give you the flavor and strength of the local AE911Truth Action Group Delft and WeAreChange – Netherlands.

    Amsterdam is noteworthy for having experienced a “golden age” in the 17th century due to unparalleled economic success – unfortunately including the very lucrative slave trade with the American colonies. About a hundred downtown canals with 1,000 bridges play host to 2,000 architecturally similar houseboats that were used as storehouses for the goods from inbound ships. Each home has a heavy support beam extending from its roof over the doors to the central storeroom, with the living quarters below.

    Pulleys would hoist the bulk goods up and through the double-shuttered openings. The homeowners would then process and/or store the goods from all over the world and redistribute them. The system worked!

    It is difficult to visit Amsterdam without being encouraged by a number of Hollanders to try the raw herring that you can get at any number of outdoor stands throughout the city – in our case overlooking six bridges crossing one of the canals.

    Electrical engineer Jean Fleurimont, who emigrated to the Netherlands from the US in 2006, told us after the presentation, “It’s very important today that professionals came here to Amsterdam to show us why [the destruction of the World Trade Center] must be investigated.” He said that he would be signing the petition as ‘one of the 1,500’ when he got home.

    Saide Al Guacobe, a journalist from The Other Opinion, says that he “came to Amsterdam from Belgium – not only to cover the presentation but to encourage a large, formal debate over in Belgium. “We want to have you on mainstream radio, TV, and newspaper.” We linked up Al Guacobe with Dr. Beeth in Belgium, who co-hosted our visit there in 2009.

    Pieter Scheelbeek asked us about squibs during the Q&A. Later he clarified his question in an interview we did with him. Gage had made the point that the isolated ejections were obviously the result of explosives because air pressure would have blown out all the windows – rather than provide a pattern of highly focalized ejections. Pieter noted “The weakest window will break first and all the pressure will leak through.” Gage at first thought that this was a creative counter. But one open window would not have been sufficient to relieve the pressure. Moreover, there were pulverized building solids in the jets which would have broken other windows if their origin was the core, as the official story suggests. Pieter said he will be joining the Delft AE911Truth Action Group immediately.

    Clemens Goselink, a building engineer from Almelo in the eastern part of the country, is one of our A/E petition signers, and traveled 150 kilometers to attend our presentation. He got his start in 9/11 truth in 2005.

    “When I talk to people at first they think I’m insane and say ‘you think the Americans killed 3,000 of their own people? ’ And that was my first reaction also. It cost me one year thinking that this is impossible. If those people can do this, then how do they also have the power to cover it up? So it’s very difficult, because on the one side you have the technical scientific proof and on the other side you have the unimaginable thought of someone else behind this massacre. It’s hard to separate these two. This is what makes it so hard to convince others. They say ‘so you believe in UFO’s and think that Elvis lives also?’ But I ask ‘How many buildings fell on 9/11?’. They say ‘2’. I say ‘try again’. How could you not know about a building as tall as the tallest high-rise in Amsterdam falling – and it wasn’t even hit by a plane?’”

    Maurice Haermgreen also speaks Dutch. He says to us after the presentation “You’re doing a hell of a job.” We hope that that is true.

    “It’s a conspiracy theory by default, no matter what you believe about it. I was delighted to pick up an AE911Truth T-shirt to wear in public... I really like the physics analysis that David Chandler put together [on 911SpeakOut.org ] but I’m extremely concerned that soon it will be too far in the past for people to care about. Time is our enemy.”

    Marco Janmas, who worked in construction for 19 years, says “I had to see this presentation in person. I’d seen the DVD a few times in the last three years. It was rock-solid evidence... But we need more people to spread the information… I say to people ‘Don’t believe me – go and look at the evidence for yourself.”

    For highlights on the England/Wales portion of the tour click here

    For highlights on the Ireland/Scotland portion of the tour click here

    Jan V motored his boat through the Amsterdam canals carrying WeAreChange activists and the Delft AE911Truth Action Group. For those who don’t use the canals, there are 465,000 bicycles to ride – one for every three people! And there are special paved and curbed bike lines that you DO NOT want to walk in! This is architectural paradise.
    Mergere Brug is the “skinny bridge” dating back to 1691
    An old museum with a new addition shows an elegant contrast

    Jan, Wico, Aren, Bas, Herma and the dedicated crew of the Delft AE911Truth Action Group have only just begun to carry out our mission to disseminate the WTC evidence and obtain a new investigation in The Netherlands. Check out their latest actions on behalf of AE911Truth.