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    Emotional and Analytical Appeals AE911Truth Strategy session with A/E’s Print E-mail
    Written by Dwain Deets and Laila Selk   
    Monday, 29 March 2010 00:00

    Packed in a classroom–style conference room, eager to get on to the next phase after achieving the 1,000 A/E petition signers and experiencing the exhilarating AE911Truth Press Conference and Luncheon, all fifty or so were ready to start the first annual assembly of A/E petition signers in the strategy session. Richard Gage, AIA, having shed his coat and rolled up his sleeves, began calling on person after person among the raised hands. Everyone had something to say – even the shy but eloquent 911Blogger and FOIA hound Aidan Monaghan, who many recognized and were honored to have join us. The ideas began rolling – faster than anyone could write them down.

    Although coming late in the session, an exhortation from the producers of "BetterBadNews" to replace our current traditional two light–beam image in the NYC skyline with a three light–beam image seemed to symbolize the sense of purpose and improved vision the session brought. Gage notes "Of course! The ‘two-beams’ image is ‘disinformation’. The three–beam image hits you on the side of the head and is an immediate attention grabber because of the cognitive shift that it forces — encouraging the stunned observer to open brochure and figure out the puzzle of the 3rd beam – which is revealed to be about the 3rd skyscraper to be destroyed on 9/11."




    Many attending the session noted that our strategic approach needed structuring and definition. Someone said "we need to define our end objectives such that we will know when our mission has been acheived". Someone else offered, "our end objective is for the ‘official findings’ stamp of notification that there were indeed explosives planted in the three towers – and that a criminal investigation is opened."

    Several other very important topics were discussed by this very attentive and dedicated group:

    Politics of Protest:

    •Draw from previous experience, such as documented in the book, Emerson to King – Democracy, Race, and the Politics of Protest (by Anita Haya Patterson)

    •Pattern our effort after the techniques used by Barbara Honegger such as documenting our expert's testimony in sworn statements – as noted in October Surprise. It was successful at getting Congress to do an investigation.

    •Pattern our effort after Oath keepers – a positive, effective and patriotic emphasis.

    Breaking through into Mainstream Media

    •Keith Olbermann – the best bet to get an opening with a media personality.

    •Pattern an unusual stunt after the Yes Men. For example, put on a spoof video, where we play the role of NIST. Then, in the video, "we" admit "we" "overlooked" the implications of WTC7's freefall. Announce we will have a new investigation – and will ask the 1,000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to see if there is any light that they can shed on these mysterious building "collapses."

    •Recognize the disinformation that is out there. Replace with correct information, i.e. that "they have no evidence", or they are on the "lunatic fringe", or "they can't handle the truth so they make up vast conspiracies."

    New Outreach/Educational Endeavors

    •Develop an outreach effort for students of high-school age. Provide resources they can use in their own class assignments.

    •Provide educational packets suitable for younger people — without shielding them from unpleasant information. Since they were too young in 2001 to have endured the cognitive dissonance that most of us succumbed to that tragic morning, they may not have the emotional baggage now that adults have — and thus may respond quicker and in greater numbers when properly informed.

    Connect to a wide range of audience modes of appeal (emotional thru analytical)

    •Need to make more of an effort to combine Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, and AE911Truth. Firefighters bring the in–the–trenches experience, and the emotional, or heart, connection — from the heroes who suffered and died trying to rescue so many. The architects & engineers bring the building and technical information and credibility. It was agreed by all, especially FF911Truth founder, Erik Lawyer with an empassioned plea, that working together would create a powerful and effective message. To this Gage and Lawyer have already created a dual speaking event on May 7th & 8th in the SF Bay Area which will produce the first FF911Truth DVD. Join us – and see the details on our websites.

    •Promote art projects that appeal to the "right brain," such as the pink elephants by We Are Change—Atlanta.

    •Demonstration models to illustrate freefall, etc.

    •Analytic models such as finite element analysis (FEA) of buildings


    •Have A&E signing statements notarized. That makes them legal documents. They have to be treated more deliberately/carefully by officials (such as Congressional Representatives.)

    •Use the Misprision of Treason statute as a means for our 16,000 AE911Truth contacts, and others, to put the WTC evidence into the hands of thousands of judges across the country.

    •Pursue a Federal Grand Jury investigation of NIST's Shyam Sunder, Lead Investigator, and John Gross, Co–project Leader. Invite our petitioners and contacts to deliver the evidence for the illegal cover-up by NIST to thousands of federal prosecutors throughout the country in hope of finding a few that are awake and inspired to actually pursue justice.

    It was deeply inspiring to see the numerous personal and professional connections made and new committees formed. Many are working actively on one of our 16 weekly conference calls focused on these and other critical AE911Truth topics and teams. If you would like to help with any of these please volunteer and join us.