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    AE911Truth Returns to Europe: Ten-City Tour to Shatter 9/11 Myth with Explosive Evidence Print E-mail
    Written by Eli Rika   
    Friday, 10 June 2011 17:45

    It has been almost three years since AE911Truth crossed the Atlantic to share the explosive 9/11 evidence with Europe. Now, founder Richard Gage, AIA, and other activists are making a return visit. The month of June will take Gage across the British Isles and onto the mainland in a new tour of Europe, where numerous audiences will be exposed to the WTC technical analysis that has the backing of more than 1500 architects and engineers.

    This tour kicks off on the TV3 news show Ireland: AM on June 9, where Gage will discuss the scientific and forensic evidence behind 9/11 with early morning TV viewers. As the country’s only breakfast news program, Ireland A.M. provides AE911Truth with an opportunity to educate tens of thousands about the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.

    Irish audiences will be able to see the 9/11: Blueprint for Truth presentation live in Dublin on June 11, where Gage will join several influential figures for a unique event. WeAreChange founder Luke Rudkowski, geopolitical researcher Alan Watt, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others will also speak, along with Jim Corr, famed Irish activist from the band The Corrs.

    This conference was made possible through the sponsorship of the Sovereign Independent, the leading 9/11 Truth publication in Ireland. Its founder, Ian Crilly, sees great promise in presenting this provocative information at public venues. “I believe that many people know that something is wrong with that 9/11 narrative,” he said, “and events like these will encourage them to mix with others who have also asked themselves the same questions.”


    Near the Blarney Castle, an iconic medieval stronghold, Richard Gage, AIA, will prove how modern-day architectural icons, the Twin Towers, were brought down with explosives on 9/11

    Dundalk, Ireland, will receive a visit from Gage on June 12 as he speaks again alongside other respected activists in an encore presentation as close to Belfast as is politically advisable.

    Those who cannot attend the first two Ireland events can catch Gage on June 15 in Cork, Ireland, where again he will be joined by Rudkowski – and former EU politician Kathy Sinnot. This gathering will be held at the Montenotte Hotel, just 5 minutes from the Blarney Castle, a 600-year-old fortress that is a sterling example of the durability of medieval Western architecture.

    The first stop in the U.K. will bring AE911Truth to Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 17. This will be the fourth time that Gage speaks, yet again, before Rudkowski following the precedent set at the inspirational “Engineering Change” symposium in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Cambridge University, an elite institution recognized for its long history of research and development, will host the research of AE911Truth into its halls on June 18

    “We often find ourselves invited to speak at the same conferences with Rudkowski because there is a natural compatibility in us presenting the technical information and then having the activists at WeAreChange taking the information to the people with ‘feet in the street’,” Gage said. “We hope that people throughout Europe are encouraged by our example and share this vital evidence with their neighbors – though we have been forewarned that the Irish media is no friendlier to 9/11 truth than here in the US.”

    In the end, you may only need to open the eyes of just one observer who could bring our important message to a whole new level.

    This midpoint in the tour won’t provide a chance to pause and rest, as Gage will board a train that same night on a five-hour journey from Edinburgh to London then to Cambridge for an afternoon presentation at Cambridge University. The Cambridge University Truth Movement Society, led by CU student and founder Silkie Carlo, has arranged for Gage to engage students and academics on the University’s renowned campus on June 18.

    Europe Tour Dates and Locations

    Venue City
    June 11 Stillorgan Park Hotel Dublin, Ireland
    June 12
    Fairways Hotel
    Dundalk, Ireland
    June 15
    Montenotte Hotel
    Cork, Ireland
    June 17 Edinburgh Capital Hotel
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    June 18
    Cambridge University
    Cambridge, England
    June 19
    Glamorgan University
    Cardiff, Wales
    June 20
    Royal Institute of British Architects London, England
    June 21
    Colston Hall
    Bristol, England
    June 24
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    June 25
    Amsterdam, Netherlands


    For Carlo, the significance of this event is almost tangible. “It gives those who have privately questioned the official conspiracy theory the hope that they are not alone, and those with inquiring scientific minds a space to learn and debate,” she said. “At the same time, those who have not considered this issue before might receive a potentially life-changing wake-up call.” Indeed – many of us are grateful to have been similarly “woken-up”.

    Cambridge is also home to Dr. Keith Seffen, Professor of Engineering, who has made headlines as a defender of the official 9/11 account. He claimed in 2007 that he had created mathematical models that prove the destruction of the Twin Towers was “a very ordinary thing to happen.” Carlo has invited Seffen to attend the AE911Truth presentation on campus and participate in a debate about the scientific evidence, but so far he has refused. His detailed mathematical model can be seen here. In order to find your way easily through the mathematical illusion created by Seffen see this blog at RINF.com.

    British scholars will get a second opportunity to witness the 9/11: Blueprint for Truth presentation firsthand on June 19, when Gage visits Glamorgan University in Cardiff, Wales. This will be followed by a prime time appearance on The Moore Show, a U.K. talk program that is making its highly anticipated TV debut this month.

    On June 20, the myth-shattering work of AE911Truth will enter the halls of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), one of the world’s most prestigious architecture organizations, when Gage gives a milestone presentation at their historic headquarters in the heart of London. RIBA member Craig Kiner paved the way for this landmark assembly, and Gage is hopeful that other RIBA architects will be enlightened to the startling evidence as a result.

    “I’m very excited to bring the explosive evidence to the building experts at the Royal Institute of British Architects,” Gage said. “Many are not aware of this information, and once technical professionals see it, they reluctantly, but overwhelmingly, agree that there must be a new investigation.”

    Early birds can watch Gage break down the informative 9/11 evidence on Ireland: AM, and night owls can tune into The Moore Show to view his expert analysis

    The U.K. portion of this tour will conclude on June 21, when Gage presents the incendiary 9/11 evidence in the new wing of the famous Colston Hall in Bristol, England. According to organizer Sheila Coombes, Bristol is already abuzz in anticipation of Gage’s arrival.

    “As a city with a vibrant architectural history, Bristol is a natural home for the work of AE911Truth,” Coombes remarked. “We are eager to meet with Gage, and join the scientific discussion about the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers.” Fortunately for citizens of mainland Europe, this tour doesn’t end at England’s shores. The Netherlands will be the last stop, as it plays host to AE911Truth for a pair of thought-provoking events. Residents of Rotterdam will get a chance to witness Gage’s scientific exposition on June 24, and Amsterdam provides the backdrop for a final presentation on the following day.

    Dutch architect Wico Valk, a member of the AE911Truth volunteer team, is optimistic about the events in the Netherlands that he is coordinating. “I hope that many people will attend the presentations in each city,” he said, “but in the end, you only need to open the eyes of just one observer who could bring our important message to a whole new level.”

    You can find out more information about each of these meetings in the Events section at AE911Truth.org. We also encourage you to stay tuned to our homepage, as Gage will be providing regular updates from Europe as the voyage progresses.

    This tour of Europe would have been impossible without the aid of activists, sustaining supporters and readers like you. With our new e-Scrip program and a multitude of volunteer opportunities, you can continue to contribute to efforts like this at no cost to you. Thanks again for your help, and we hope to see you on the road as we continue our call for justice and accountability around the world.