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    Building 7 Remembered: Hartford 9/11 Conference Features TV Ad Debut Print E-mail
    Written by Eli Rika   
    Thursday, 31 March 2011 19:12
    Manny Badillo, Leslie Young, Tony Szamboti and Bob McIlvaine joined other family members and technical professionals in the latest ad from the Remember Building 7 Campaign

    It’s been almost a decade since the Manhattan Twin Towers were completely destroyed, allegedly by fire and plane impacts, on the same day, taking thousands of lives with them. Yet, the collapse of WTC Building 7, which also occurred on that day, still remains unknown to most Americans. Though its destruction was recorded by news crews and bystanders, reported by first responders, and analyzed by university physicists and scientists, mentioning it in casual conversation often leads to a puzzled response. What many people consider the prime “smoking gun” of 9/11 has been hidden by the media for years. Now, the veil of silence is starting to be lifted. On Saturday, March 26, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the Remember Building 7 (formerly “BuildingWhat?”) Campaign took another decisive step in exposing the truth, with the Investigate Building 7 Conference at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and the release of a new television ad about this pivotal subject.


    Richard Gage, AIA, explains to French Journalists who traveled to Hartford for their 10th Anniversary of 9/11 TV special, that physics easily proves the controlled demolition of Building 7

    After the premiere of last year’s “BuildingWhat?” TV effort, the leaders of NYC CAN and AE911Truth set out to take things one step further with a commercial that features family members of 9/11 victims as well as professional architects and engineers. As the advertisement began to develop, several supporters formulated the idea to present it at a conference dedicated to the issue of Building 7.

    “We wanted the conference to be action-oriented, and we thought the Remember Building 7 Campaign was doing excellent work in that regard,” says organizer Damon Bean. He collaborated with fellow coordinator Cheryl Curtis, AE911Truth Congressional Outreach Team Leader Wayne Coste and other 9/11 Truth activists to make the event possible.

    This landmark symposium began with the first public showing of the new TV ad, which will run on TV stations in the New York City area in the near future. This time, AE911Truth petition signers Tony Szamboti, Leslie Young, and William Brinnier joined family members of 9/11 victims as they brought attention to Building 7.

    Even though she lost her nephew Adam almost ten years ago, Valerie continues to support the efforts to uncover what took his life – and the lives of thousands of others – in the World Trade Center.

    AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, felt encouraged by the presentation. “I’m proud to see architects and engineers support the family members with great credibility in their call for a new investigation,” he said. “John Kirby, the creator of this ad series, has put together another inspiring production.”

    The ad’s debut early in the conference was followed by a call to action by NYC CAN members Bob Ilvaine and Manny Badillo, who both lost family members on 9/11.

    “Their heartfelt words served to remind everyone that this is not a hobby,” Bean notes. “There are real lives and real people that are at stake in this struggle.”

    Gage closed out the opening “Call to Action” segment by describing the origins and history of AE911Truth, the options available for truth advocates, and the goals that are on the horizon – beseeching all to follow their own guidance as to the possible courses of action that can be taken.

    “We hope that if we can make the public aware of WTC 7 and generate enough pressure for a real investigation into that building’s destruction, it will open the door to a public examination of the entire 9/11 manufactured catastrophe,” Gage said.

    Dr. William Pepper, the attorney who established in a landmark civil court case that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated as part of a wider conspiracy, gave a concise legal analysis of the evidence for the controlled demolition of Building 7, which the organizers hope will eventually end up in front of the New York City Council for examination and real action.

    “Since the scope of this evidence is narrow,” Bean explained, “and since it focuses on a structure that is within the city council’s jurisdiction, it provides an excellent entry point for a local investigation.”

    Dr. Graeme MacQueen, acclaimed author and researcher with the International Center for 9/11 Studies, detailed, in the most eloquent yet simple fashion characterized by the nearly comical repetition of the phrase “waiting for Seven,” the overwhelming evidence of the foreknowledge of this skyscraper’s destruction telegraphed by media outlets and emergency crews.

    What some have called the “smoking gun” of 9/11 has been hidden in plain view for years… and now, the veil of silence is starting to be lifted.

    Following this important delivery, an in-depth technical breakdown was provided by science and engineering professionals influential in the 9/11 Truth movement. Underwriters Laboratories whistleblower Kevin Ryan explained the fallacy behind NIST’s theory for initiation of collapse by showing that its mathematical model projected that a steel beam reached the maximum temperature in a ridiculous two seconds. This allegedly forced the beam into linear “thermal expansion,” keeping it from sagging – which is what real-world tests (even NIST’s!) show beams do when overheated. Yet the concrete slab above this alleged key failure point was considered not to have been heated, leading to differential expansion which tore the shear studs off. Even the non-technically minded were able to get it. NIST’s scientific fraud was clearly exposed.

    Tony Szamboti, an accomplished mechanical engineer with an emphasis on the structural behavior of materials, brought the technical expertise that he exhibited on Geraldo at Large to the event by detailing the strength of construction of WTC Building 7 which was five times stronger than it needed to be – yet collapsed at free-fall acceleration on 9/11 in just seconds – due to “normal office fires” according to the official account. Tony demonstrated clearly that a free-fall acceleration collapse is physically impossible without the use of explosives to remove the thousands of tons of structural framework underneath.

    A topic that often receives little attention at 9/11 truth conferences is the media’s failure to report on Building 7 in the weeks and months following its destruction. The conference’s organizers were honored to have several renowned journalism experts discuss that very issue. A panel dialogue that brought together media professor Mark Crispin Miller, veteran SF Bay Area TV journalist Leslie Griffith, investigative reporter Craig Unger, and author Dick Russell led to engaging conversation about the Building 7 cover-up and suppression of other controversial issues.

    Richard Gage, AIA, keynoted the day-long conference with a presentation tailored to WTC 7’s characteristic features of controlled demolition – including the salient points that have been immortalized in the DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth”. He united the day’s discussions by demonstrating additional points such as the molten iron/steel, melted beams, iron microspheres, nanothermite, fraud at NIST, non-independent investigations, announcements that the building was “going to blow up”, etc.

    “Gage’s summary beautifully brought together the concerns that we all have regarding Building 7,” Bean commented. “It was refreshing to hear such a dynamic synopsis.”

    The conference was so well received by attendees that the hosts and speakers have already begun formulating plans to repeat it across the country. “I look forward to building on the template we used in this conference,” Gage said. “I am hopeful that with enough support, we can take this formula on the road and educate audiences in cities across America.”

    Even though the production of the new Building 7 ad is complete, the fundraising effort is still in full stride. The Remember Building 7 Campaign is already almost halfway to its goal of raising $200,000. We need your help now more than ever to get this vital issue back onto the airwaves and on the minds of millions of New Yorkers. When you give to the campaign fund at RememberBuilding7.org, you can be confident that your support will help us move towards the real investigation that we all seek – and expose the truth about one of the greatest tragedies of our time.