Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7)

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    Architects & Engineers:
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    AE911Truth Booths: Fairgoers Learn What Media Hasn’t Told Them About 9/11 Print E-mail
    Written by Editor   
    Tuesday, 22 June 2010 19:39

    Grassroots efforts in the form of inexpensive display booths are starting to make appearances in community fairs and festivals all over the country. AE911Truth volunteer Scott Beery led off with a bit more ambitious version of an AE911Truth booth, including TV monitors to display the Towers exploding, and Building 7 in freefall. See the article on this booth at the SF Power to the Peaceful Festival, just one of the many public events at which Beery brought the irrefutable 9/11 Truth evidence to the people through the unique features of his custom designed booth, and of course, the dedicated AE911Truth activists who staffed the booth.

    Recently, many individual AE911Truth activists have taken it upon themselves to make the necessary arrangements with festival and fair authorities, and then bring banners and materials to set up their booths on the day of their respective events. In a grassroots fashion, two of these booths were organized, one by John Tobak, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and the other by Scott Thompson, in Bellingham, Washington. Both had successful 9/11 awareness-raising projects with lots of visitors on the respective days of the fairs.

    A Street Fair in Woodbridge, New Jersey

    On Saturday, May 15, John Tobak, and his friend Charbel Zogheib staffed a booth at a street fair in Woodbridge, NJ. Their 10’ x 10’ booth included an 8’ x 3’ banner: “Hundreds of Architects & Engineers Demand a Real 9/11 Investigation.” The current banner reads “1,000”!

    Between 10:30 am and 5 pm, Zogheib handed out 400 of the “What the Government & Media Are Not Telling You About 9/11” brochures, and Tobak handed out 400 of the “Explosive Evidence” cards. Based on the fact that some people took both Zogheib’s brochure and Tobak’s card, they estimated that they gave AE911Truth literature to approximately 700 people.

    The response that they received from the people was, in general, very positive. Many of them, including one woman who spoke through tears, thanked them for what they were doing. Others, of course, were not able to set aside their preconceived world view to allow such truths to even be imagined. Thus we do not reach everyone. But we reach those that can be reached. And this is the importance and the focus of our work together.

    Their strategies were simple. Zogheib used an iPad to show people the controlled demolition of Building 7, and Tobak pointed to the photo of the exploding building on the front of an “Explosive Evidence” card and stated, “The Government says that this building is merely collapsing, not exploding. What does it look like to you?”

    This dynamic duo is signed up to participate in more NJ street fairs this summer, including one on September 11. They hope that other people around the country will consider using street fairs as a way in which to spread the truth about 9/11.

    The Fairhaven Festival in Bellingham, Washington

    As Scott Thompson reports, “the event in Bellingham on May 30 was the 'Fairhaven Festival,' celebrating the finish of their annual ’Ski to Sea’ relay race.”

    The part of their display that got the most attention of the fair-goers was the free-standing poster boards that were set up for maximum visibility to the pedestrians strolling by. Chris Lyon constructed them from 4x4’s mounted on concrete bases, then attached poster boards to the 4x4 on one side in a flag style that extended out toward the walkway. These were impossible to miss and allowed most strollers to read many messages without committing themselves to enter the booth. Those that took some time reading them were greeted and offered discussion and handouts on their topic of interest.

    It was a lively atmosphere with music and great weather. Thompson and Lyon intend to have another successful activist campaign again next year. You may not be the outgoing type like these activists but you can do something to raise awareness about the 9/11 truth. Everyone can email the AE911Truth.org link to all of one’s friends, colleagues, and family. Don’t be the one withholding this information from them. What will they say to you when they find out a year from now from someone else and ask you why you never told them? We are trying to save a country -- ours. Patriots are called to stand up and be counted. What else will you do? Will you wait for the next 9/11? No! “Speak out now -- for a time comes when silence is betrayal.”