Riveting 2-hour “Trial” Radio Debate Prepares Mohr/Gage for LIVE March 6 Showdown at UC Boulder Print
Saturday, 19 February 2011 01:51

Onstage Debate in Boulder, Colorado: Sunday March 6, University of Colorado, 5:00 pm - University Memorial Center (UMC), Room 235

Concerned Citizen, Chris Mohr, advocate of the “natural collapse” theory

In about two weeks Richard Gage, AIA, will debate journalist Chris Mohr. The question? What brought down the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/2001? An advocate of the “natural collapse” theory, Mohr surprised many in the 9/11 Truth movement with the depth and sincerity ofresearch into both AE911Truth’s position and the official reports in the two-hour “trial” debate on Thursday evening, February 17, which was deemed so newsworthy that it was allowed to run overtime 30 minutes into the next radio program. Listen to the podcast at INN World Report Radio for a sneak preview of the Boulder showdown.

Mohr is a journalist and has an English degree from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, where he also studied journalism extensively. Mohr is a former editor, writer and co-publisher of On The Air Magazine, a publication of the Broadcaster’s Foundation of America.

Richard Gage, AIA, advocate of the "explosive controlled demolition" theory

In this historic struggle to uncover and spread awareness of the truth regarding 9/11, a resounding call has been made for respectful, reasoned debate. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to find defenders of the official story who will acknowledge in a scientific and sincere manner the troubling forensic evidence that we present. The officials at NIST who put forth the government sponsored story should be willing to defend it in debate, but they are not. So, we are pleased that a clearly sincere, amicable, dynamic speaker is willing to oppose us in what promises to be a debate of a refreshingly different character.

Independent 9/11 investigator and debate organizer, Fran Shure

Gage noted, “I’m looking forward to debating someone who has an open mind and is respectful of our position, yet who firmly believes that the twin towers were brought down by a “natural collapse” due to fire and jet planes. I expect a lively, intriguing debate that promises to emerge as one of the most productive public discussions of 9/11 to date. Chris has already shown himself to be a formidable opponent and I eagerly await a congenial conversation with him of a kind that NIST officials have not granted us."

Mohr held his own in the INN World Report Debate – and gave Gage new material and claims to research. Mohr has examined the NIST reports, found them to be flawed, and is deeply interested in determining the truth about this pivotal event.

Both Mohr and Mr. Gage will have PowerPoint presentations. The debate is scheduled to last two hours with questions and answers afterwards. We are thankful to Fran Shure of Colorado 9/11 Visibility for her diligent efforts in organizing this event. A professional film crew with three cameras will be recording the debate, so this important educational material can later be presented to a much wider audience in the form of a DVD.