Volunteers and Financial Supporters: The Foundation for Mission Success Print
Written by Marian Galbraith   
Tuesday, 24 August 2010 20:42

It becomes quite clear to our readers that government grants and prestigious family endowments are highly improbable funding sources for an organization with a mission such as ours. The valuable work of AE911Truth is supported only by the grassroots community of 9/11 truth-aware individuals. Thanks to a growing number of volunteers and financial supporters, we have made great strides in public awareness, especially in the last year.

For starters, the number of our Architect/Engineer petition signers calling for a new WTC investigation has accelerated from 400 last summer to well over 1,300 so far this year -- more than in our first three years combined. This rate of growth makes our next major milestone of 5,000 A/E’s well within reach.

On top of successful television appearances on Fox KMPH in Fresno, New Zealand’s Close Up show on NZTV, and CBC’s “Fifth Estate” AE911Truth has now been asked to appear in 2011 on China’s CCTV program, “Dialogue,” with an English speaking audience of over 60 million people. Inch by inch we are working our way into the mainstream media and into the public’s consciousness.

Also, AE911Truth has been approved as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Most donations in the U.S. will be tax-deductible for our supporters.

While it’s obvious that our efforts are working, still, our reach always exceeds our grasp. We need additional staffing, publicity, information technology and legal support to meet our objectives in support of our mission.

If you are already a financial supporter, we thank you! If not, please join the family of sustaining supporters now at AE911Truth.org and set up a monthly donation that works comfortably – or perhaps just a bit of a stretch – with in your budget.

You will be supporting the organization in two important ways. First, you will be providing immediate, steady, and predictable funding that we can use for planning and budgeting toward our ultimate goal of obtaining a truly independent WTC investigation. Second, you will help us reduce the hidden costs of repeated, ongoing fund-raising efforts.

With your support, we can continue our translations of the 9/11: Blueprint for Truth DVD, and our other awareness/action products into seven languages, attending A/E conferences and other speaking engagements, keeping up with increasing web traffic and online demands, obtaining much-needed legal counsel and public relations support, and much more.

If a monthly commitment is not feasible for you at this time, your one-time donations are still appreciated and will be put to excellent use toward our mission. Remember – we can do the work only if we are supported by you. Will you help us today?