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    Tuesday, 05 January 2010 00:00

    Original article in German posted on Focus Money
    Translated to English by Richard de Ruiter

    A growing number of people doubt the official theory about 9/11, including more than 400 scientists.

    It's his last fight, but perhaps his most important one. Jesse Ventura fought in Vietnam in the UDT (Under water Demolition Team), a unit that carried out explosive-attacks and was part of the famous Navy Seals. Later he romped as a wrestler, until he entered the political arena. From 1999 until 2003 Ventura was Governor of Minnesota. Today he is stunned that he, during his time as Governor, believed the official story about the terror-attacks of 9/11, despite the fact that he has had impressive experience with explosives.

    "I kick myself for not having noticed anything at that time. But I was so shocked that these things could even happen, that I apologize for not being more focused then", he said to the US-radio-host Alex Jones. Today he combats with a self produced series for the cable channel TruTV for the truth. The title: "conspiracy theory".

    Growing doubts. There are a growing number of people that think like Jesse Ventura in the USA. According to a series of polls, the majority of the American people no longer believes the official theory, in which Islamic terrorists, lead by Osama bin Laden, were responsible for the attacks. At the latest major poll by Zogby, a leading polling organization, from August 2007, for example 67% of the respondents said that the 9/11-Commission should have investigated the collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7). The fact that this hasn't been done, is feeding their doubt.

    The website www.patriotsquestion911.com meanwhile counts about 2,000 University-professors, military, pilots, policemen, architects, engineers, physicists, intelligence experts, judges and celebrities, among them alone 400 scientists - without taking position personally. With Francesco Cossiga there's a former Italian president and with author Dario Fo a Nobel prize-winner who doubt the official theory of George W. Bush. Have these people, who have gained a high level of credibility in their respective professions, who are partly entrusted human lives, all become crazy? What distinguishes these concerned people from those who call everyone who doesn't believe the official version crazy conspiracy theorists? They dealt with facts that are hardly mentioned in the traditional media.

    Newton's third law. "Mass always follows the path of least resistance" the famous physicist said more than 300 years ago. It isn't even possible to squash a match from top to bottom. It bends at its weakest point. Like a tree will fall in the direction where the cut is made with an axe. Meaning: the building had to fall to the side where the steel structure was damaged by the impact of the plane.

    "Ask yourself a very simple question: Why didn't the structure beneath the impact-area offer any resistance at all to the much smaller structure above it?", architect Richard Gage asks. "The towers came down without interruption in freefall speed, smoothly and symmetrically, as if the lower 90 floors didn't even exist. The only way to accomplish that is by controlled demolition." The government-agency NIST, who did the inquiry into the collapses, didn't consider the possibility of a controlled demolition. The curious justification: controlled demolitions normally start at the basement of a building. However, the janitorWilliam Rodriguez has testified about such explosions on the lower floors at several occasions including in Jesse Ventura's series.

    Ventura himself has changed his mind after his son persuaded him to look at the movie "Loose Change", which meanwhile has been viewed over more than 100 milion times. Films such as "Zero" by the Italian Euro-deputies Giulietto Chiesa or "911 Mysteries" have been shown now also in the ORF or on Vox. Ventura's series "Conspiracy Theory" can be seen on Ted Turner's cable channel truTV too. Also the Hollywood producer Aaron Russo ("Trading Places") used in his documentary "America: From Freedom to Fascism" the background of 9/11. All films are available on Google video.

    Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. The architect Richard Gage denies also that fire caused the three skyscrapers to collapse: "Fire in high-rise buildings has never brought down a steel structured building." Gage has been an architect for more than 20 years and has designed numerous steel-structured buildings. Recently he worked at a 400 million Euro-project, in which 1,200 tons of steel were used. He has founded the organization Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (ae911truth.org), which meanwhile counts about 1,000 architects and engineers and 5,000 other supporters. "The collapses of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 show all the characteristics of a controlled demolition, but not a single characteristic of a collapse caused by fire" Gage explains (see cadre at the left). He also refers to the numerous evidence for explosions. "We have found tons of molten steel. Steel starts to melt at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, jet fuel and office-fires only reach 1,400, perhaps 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit."

    According to Gage, the probability of fire destroying all the columns at the same time is zero. But even when this probability would be for example 10 percent, one has to consider that on this day, three buildings symmetrically collapsed. The probability of that happening, that it will happen three times at the same day, is then 0.1 (ten percent) times 0.1 times 0.1 times 100, which is 0.1 percent. In other words: Even when one would estimate the chances of fire destroying the columns simultaneously that high, the probability that the official theory is false is 99.9 percent. People tend to estimate probabilities wrong when they believe to know the alleged cause – the airplane-impact. The World Trade Center 7 however collapsed in near freefall as did the WTC 1 and 2. The difference: no plane hit this building. Video-footage of the collapse of this building quickly spread on the Internet. The only logical explanation for such a collapse would be explosions (see cadre).

    Scholarsfor911truth. Scientists like Steve Jones claim to have found the explosives. The physicist was professor at Brigham Young University. When he began the organization scholarsfor911truth (www.st911.org), he was urged by the university-administration to go on early retirement. Professor Jones and others, including the Danish scientist, Dr. Niels Harrit have examined 20 samples from the dust of the World Trade Center and detected clear signs of nanothermite – an explosive that previously is said to have been used only by the military.
    Numerous fire-fighters and paramedics witnessed explosions. "It was as if it exploded ... as if they had planned to blow up a building, boom, boom, boom, "said the Fire Captain Dennis Tardio to colleagues while he was filmed by a team. The paramedic Daniel Rivera is even more specific: "It was like a professional demolition where they place explosive devices on certain floors: pop, pop, pop." Opportunities to place the bombs were numerous. Ben Fountain, who worked as a financial analyst in the South Tower reported, "In the weeks before, there have been numerous unexplained and unusual exercises in which sections of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were evacuated for security-reasons".

    The problem: the former prosecutor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, refused a judicial inquiry. In the U.S. it's possible to file a civil lawsuit for injury. Many victims are still trying to go this way. One group was represented here by Stanley Hilton, who was advisor to the Republican presidential 
    candidate Bob Dole. The case against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and others was
    dismissed in 2004 due to the immunity of public officials - not because of lack of evidence.

    Stand-down-order. A process could clarify, for example, why the interceptor planes remained on the ground (see cadre left). According to witnesses, Dick Cheney gave a so-called stand-down order, commanding fighter pilots not to take off under any circumstances. This is how the statements of Minister of Transport Norman Mineta and sergeant Lauro Chavez can be interpreted, who was on duty on September 11. A prosecutor would have the opportunity to view the duty plans and can question all people present on this day under oath.

    The 9/11-Commission did not execute any judicial investigation. Senator Max Cleland resigned from the Commission with the following words: "It is a fraud, a national scandal." Numerous testimonies were simply not included in the report. Other Commission members up to Chairman Thomas Kean complained, to have been continuously lied to by the authorities. Even the testimony of Barry Jennings never appeared in the report of 9/11-Komission. Jennings was deputy director of the Emergency Services Department of the City of New York. The man, who on September 11 saved many people's lives in the WTC 7, gave that same day, covered with dust, a live interview on ABC, saying that he had heard explosions. In 2007, he specified his statements in an interview with Dylan Avery, one of the makers of "Loose Change". He reported that he witnessed the explosions before the first Twin Tower collapsed, and that the hall was strewn with corpses, contrary to the official version.

    Mysterious Death. According to Avery, Jennings begged him not to publish the material because he was threatened that he would lose his job. But after the BBC published an interview with Jennings, that, according to Avery was distorted, he decided to include his full statement in "Loose Change Final Cut". On August 19 2008, two days before the government agency NIST published the official WTC7-report that diametrically opposed the testimony of Jennings, Jennings died at the age of 53 years under mysterious circumstances. A private investigator hired by Avery to investigate this, quit his job.

    The numerous inconsistencies recently even encouraged a German federal judge, Dieter Deiseroth to demand a new investigation in an interview with the Internet service Heise,: "In a constitutional state it is unacceptable that the necessary means of interrogating suspects and the arrest and the indictment in front of an independent Court of Law fail to appear… Interestingly, until today, Osama bin Laden is not being searched by the FBI because of the events on 9/11." The interview ends with the words: "This cries for an immediate explanation."

    Controlled explosives?

    Evidence for explosives
    According to the architects-organization AE911truth.org all characteristics of a controlled demolition were observed:
    • The collapse followed the path of greatest resistance
    • The debris was symmetrically distributed
    • Extremely fast onset of collapse
    • More than 100 witnesses reported explosions and flashes of light
    • Tons of heavy steel parts were ejected vertically and horizontally
    • 90,000 tons of metal and concrete were pulverized in the air
    • Very large, expanding pyroclastic clouds (see right)
    • No pancake-like piles of floors
    • Isolated horizontal explosions at 20 to 40 stories beneath
    • Molten steel and thermite explosives found

    Characteristics for fire
    Three criteria would at least have to have been fulfilled, in case the building had been brought down by fire:
    • A slow start with big visible deformations
    • Asymmetrical collapse along the path of least resistance
    • Evidence of temperatures high enough to weaken steel
    • And: never before has a steel-structure building collapsed due to fire

    Errors in the report

    World Trade Center 7, a 47-story, properly secured steel building, in which the CIA and the secret service resided, collapsed about seven hours after the Twin Towers did, although it was never hit by any plane. In the official "9/11 Commission Report", this building is not mentioned at all. The numerous requests from members of the 9/11Truth-movement has disposed the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), a federal agency, to do another study, seven years after the collapse. The biggest mystery the experts had to solve was that the buildings collapsed at virtually free fall speed. Normally, the respective floors offer resistance, so the building would have had to collapse at a much slower rate. According to the official version falling debris from the Twin Towers damaged parts of the building. However, WTC 7 is about a football field away, and it can be seen on the photographs that there is no significant damage. In addition, the building would then have to fall on the side of the damage and not to his own foundation. The solution offered by NIST led to outbursts of hilarity and horror in the truth movement. "Ridiculous," "total bullshit" were the most courteous comments.

    The official version goes like this: Internally, the building had been collapsing for 30 minutes on the inside, and at the end the outside came down at free fall speed - an unprecedented sequence. Scientists inside the truth-movement made long studies in which they questioned the official study point by point. None of these questions have been answered so far. The complete data of the used computer models remain secret. Just one example of the inconsistencies in the NIST Report: There are temperatures measured at 5.30 and 6.00 in the afternoon on the upper floors. The building however collapsed at 5:21 PM.

    Impossible flight maneuvers

    More than 200 pilots and aviation experts doubt the official theory. Pilots united in the organization "Pilots for 911 Truth" (http://pilotsfor911truth.org/) say it is impossible to manoeuvre a Boeing in the way the Pentagon was struck. Captain Russ Wittenberg, who has worked for PanAm and United Airlines for 35 years, said: "I flew both plane types which were used on 9/11. The airplanes would have exceeded their speed limit by more than 100 knots and would have flown high-speed curves in which 5, 6 and 7 G would have occurred. The plane would have literally fallen out of the sky. I couldn't do that and I'm absolutely sure that they couldn't do it either." The pilots also question whether anybody, who has trained on a Cessna, can even fly a Boeing anyway. Especially when the flight-instructors said that they were terrible pilots. One of them couldn't even fly at all. Many pilots even doubt if it is possible to hit the Towers at full speed, especially when one of the airplanes was also in the middle of a curve at that time. It's also unusual that there's practically no part of a plane visible at the Pentagon. Ralph Omholt, a long-time Boeing-pilot: "There was no tail, there were no wings, no evidence of a Boeing 757-crash." Above all the titanium engines should have survived the crash.

    In addition, the pilots indicate that the hole in the Pentagon was far too small. Either the windows beside it would be damaged for example, or debris should be lying in front of it. Not even the lawn is damaged. Also suspicious: the Pentagon, being one of the best-guarded buildings in the world, is surrounded by security cameras. The only video that was presented to the public shows everything, except a Boeing.

    Where were the fighter jets?

    One of the great mysteries today is why the airplanes were not intercepted, although there was up to one hour to do so. Intercepting airplanes that are off course is a standard procedure. In the USA it happens about a hundred times a year. But in June 2001 this standard procedure was changed. A memo to the Joint Chiefs of Staff determines that the Ministry of Defence has to be contacted before the interceptor planes may take off. There is even evidence that Dick Cheney gave an explicit Stand-down-Order ruling that the fighter jets should stay on the ground. Sergeant Lauro Chavez claims the following: On that day he served at the United States Central Command in Florida and took part in an exercise with hijacked airplanes that were about to fly into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House. These exercises have now been confirmed by official documents. As he saw the TV pictures it became clear to him that things were serious, he inquired why no interceptors had taken off. He received the answer that there was a stand-down order.
    Chavez also knew before it was known, that a few months before the attacks, for the first time in history, a civilian had been given the command of the air defence (NORAD): Dick Cheney. The statement of the Minister of Transport Norman Mineta, which did not make it into the "9/11 Commission Report", supports this thesis. Dick Cheney said, at that very morning, to a young man who had asked about this several times, facing an approaching aircraft, that the order still stands. Mineta then assumed, that an order to shoot down was meant. Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre reported that a general ignored the stand-down order and let the fourth plane be shot down over Shanksville, which would explain the lack of debris. Grand-Pre assures to have made a study for the Joint Chiefs of Staff that came to the conclusion that parts of the government itself were responsible for the attacks. Grand-Pre said in a radio interview, that a majority of the military leadership would be willing to stage a coup to bring the truth to light.