Chandler Wows Eugene Crowd with "The Physics of 9/11" Print
Written by Virginia Prudell   
Friday, 30 May 2014 05:00

56 New Signatures Added to AE911Truth Petition

Chandler-EugenePhysics teacher David Chandler drew a large crowd of physics-savvy listeners. David Chandler's The Physics of 9/11 presentation held in Eugene, Oregon, on Tuesday, March 25, drew 211 people. Two-thirds of the audience had taken some physics courses, and a third of them had taken college-level physics.

Interestingly, more than one-quarter of the crowd had never heard of the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on the afternoon of September 11. Chandler focused much of his presentation on Building 7 and showed a clip of that near-free-fall collapse, which the government's official report attributed to office fires but which Chandler convincingly showed had all the hallmarks of a pre-planned controlled demolition.

The presence of thermite in the WTC dust was also new information to many of the attendees. As part of his thorough coverage of this topic, Chandler included a video clip — taken from the AE911Truth video 9/11: Explosive Evidence--Experts Speak Out — of physicist Jeff Farrer discussing the discovery of the thermite.

The committee that organized the presentation, along with David Fura from the Portland AE911Truth Action Group, gathered 56 signatures for the AE911Truth petition that evening. It also sold all 40 of the available Experts Speak Out DVDs. And afterwards, it sent a follow-up email to those who attended the talk to determine their interest in joining a 9/11 discussion group in May.