Volunteer Spotlight: Wibren Visser Print
Written by Dick Scar, BSAE   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 05:24

Wibren 1"Untersuche" is "Investigate" in GermanWibren Visser is a key member of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Translation Team. Born in Holland, and now living in Linz, Austria, he studied philosophy for two years, graduated from a hotel management school, and has a degree for Dutch translators from the University of Vienna. He currently works as a sales controller specializing in reporting and data mining, but has been doing translations – German to Dutch and vice versa – as a sideline for over 25 years.

In 2008, Wibren was searching the internet on the subject of weapons inspections in Iraq and stumbled onto some information related to 9/11. He says it was "a total surprise to me, as I was not aware of any doubts about the official theory. That intrigued me and I started looking for more information." Coincidentally, Richard Gage, AIA, was touring Europe at that time and likely passed close by Wibren's hometown.

Soon after, Wibren noticed materials from AE911Truth. He felt that our group was the most credible organization within the 9/11 truth movement and signed our petition.

Motivated to do more, he translated the "Hard Evidence Letter," which Richard Gage wrote to building professionals, into both German and Dutch in December of 2008.


Grazyna Samborska, the Translation Team Coordinator at the time, contacted Wibren to announce the formation of a Translation Team and Wibren immediately signed on. He feels that AE911Truth should reach out to people worldwide and translate into as many languages as possible. So far, AE911Truth materials have been translated into almost 30 languages, but he feels there is a need for many more.

Wibren 2Wibren hopes this replica of the twin towers core column cross-section will focus Austrian' attention on 9/11Lars Vestman, the Danish Translation Team Coordinator, observes: "I am amazed how helpful Wibren is. He has always assisted in solving even the smallest issues or more technical challenges – or at least brought me in contact with someone who can. I have never met him personally, but would be very honored to shake his hand some day."

Long-time Translation Team leader Sandra Jelmi says: "He's pretty much the rock this team leans on. He's extremely meticulous in his preparations, in his checking, in his verifications." Jelmi also notes that while "others have come and gone, Wibren has been the unwavering and driving force behind this team, and has always kept it going forward steadily."

And Portuguese Coordinator Andre Coelho adds to the compliments: "As far as I'm concerned, Wibren is a dedicated, enthusiastic volunteer who has 'fallen in love' with AE911Truth and has done a great job at coordinating everything in the Translation Team. Go Wibren, go!"

Wibren also prepares text for other translators. If it's a video, he breaks it down into a proper timing sequence so that the text appears when it is actually spoken in the clip. In fact, Wibren was also instrumental in putting together the Translation Team video. This video clearly shows the variety of languages into which our material is being translated, and the scope of our worldwide outreach. He keeps track of how many people see all of the translated AE911Truth videos on YouTube and by February, 2014, there had been 712,000 total views!

If you are fluent in a foreign language, consider volunteering for the Translation Team. All you have to do is fill out a volunteer form and you too can soon be spreading the message of truth around the world!