When 9/11 is Used as a Pretext for Drone Warfare: AE911Truth Speaks Out Print
Written by AE911Truth Staff   
Monday, 31 March 2014 04:38

Code Pink Drone SummitCode Pink Drone Summit 2013Even after 12 years, 9/11 is still used as a justification for US drone strikes. The ongoing use of 9/11 to justify all manner of US government policies makes the input of AE911Truth experts imperative to any discussion of these policies. To that end, AE911Truth was represented with a table at the 2013 CodePink Global Drone Summit, held at the Georgetown University School of Law auditorium in Washington DC.   There were over 400 attendees, plus thousands watching the live stream and C-SPAN coverage, and over 150 press clips, including one on NBC news.

The summit was organized by CodePink.Org's progressive think-tank Institute for Policy Studies, The Nation Magazine, and National Lawyers Guild (Georgetown Chapter). It brought together drone survivors and families of victims from Pakistan and Yemen, human rights advocates, lawyers, authors, social media experts, technology experts, artists and musicians, and grassroots activists. More information is at this article.

Col. Ann Wright (retired, US Army) was among the organizers who introduced such speakers as Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and author of “Killing by Remote Control,” activist Alli McCracken, and David Swanson, the author of “War Is A Lie.”  Each of them was given the Experts Speak Out and Operation Terror DVDs by Rick Shaddock, who manned the 9/11 Truth table.

Speakers included delegates from Yemen, who talked about life under drones. In addition to the Summit, members protested at the White House and General Atomics headquarters, lobbied over 150 Congressional offices, and held a Congressional briefing with Yemeni drone victims. Representatives Grayson, Lee, Schakowsky, Pingree, and Rangel attended the historic briefing, as well as staffers from over 40 Congressional offices.

Ironically, just hours before the Yemeni delegation testified before Congress, a drone strike hit Yemen. Two days later, a US drone strike hit Pakistan, shattering the prospect of peace talks between the Pakistani government and the Taliban. These strikes serve as an important reminder that we still have a lot of work to do to expose the false flag operation of 9/11.