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Written by AE911Truth Staff   
Sunday, 02 February 2014 00:30

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Holding NIST Accountable in 2014:

It Starts with Your Support

Dear Fellow Activist,

NIST's Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7NISTs Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7Did you know 2013 was a breakthrough year in our efforts to hold NIST accountable?

For years we have known that Building 7 came down in free-fall and that the NIST report failed to explain why. We knew that NIST’s collapse model looked nothing like the actual collapse, and that NIST’s “probable collapse sequence” was anything but probable.

But in 2013, NIST’s explanation went from highly improbable to absolutely impossible, thanks to the discovery that NIST deliberately omitted critical structural features from its model – features that make the supposed collapse initiation impossible. With this new discovery, we have the evidence to prove definitively that Building 7 could not have collapsed as NIST says it did.

Now AE911Truth is leading efforts to hold NIST accountable for this inexplicable omission. In December, renowned lawyer William Pepper wrote the Department of Commerce Inspector General on behalf of AE911Truth to request an investigation into the misconduct. In 2014, AE911Truth will begin pursuing legal avenues to require correction of the NIST report and holding NIST investigators personally accountable.
dr-william-pepperDr. William Pepper in Times Square on September 11, 2013, as a featured guest speaker for AE911Truth

Will you join us and make it happen? Will you be a part of history?

Today we are asking you to give membership a try for one year so that we can have a real shot at holding NIST accountable.

The legal research and litigation needed to implement this strategy require substantial funding. For just $2.50 or more per month, you can be an essential part of making this pursuit possible, and if you become a member by January 31 you will receive our brand new 2-disk DVD “Our Best Worldwide TV Interviews” along with other membership gifts. Can we count on your support in 2014?

To all those who have become members in the past five weeks and to those who have been sustaining supporters for the past several years, we thank you for putting your money where your heart is and making our work possible. With the incredible success of our 2014 Membership Drive, we have an excellent chance to make 2014 our most productive year yet.
We look forward to sharing the progress of 2014 with you.

Very truly yours,

Richard Gage, AIA/Founder
and the grateful volunteers and staff at AE911Truth


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