Volunteer Spotlight: Laila Selk Print
Written by Dick Scar, BSAE   
Saturday, 22 June 2013 23:16

AE911Truth Verification Team member Laila Selk, a retired firefighter, became interested in 9/11 Truth in 2003 after reading Women at Ground Zero, a book that describes how one of her firefighting friends lost 40 colleagues in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. Shortly after that, she viewed the film Loose Change and 9/11: Blueprint for Truth.

veteran-firefighter-laila-selk-Veteran firefighter Laila Selk has been essential to the success of the AE911Truth Verification Team. You can make a difference as well by becoming a volunteerLaila joined the Verification Team in 2009. Her role is to verify those AE911Truth petition signers who aren’t architects or engineers but are listed as “Other Supporters,” now numbering more than 17,000. This includes people from all walks of life who have found the courage to join our call for a new investigation. She has personally verified over 3,000 of these supporters and verifies 25 to 40 per week.

This verification process entails confirming each email address, doing an Internet search, and sometimes even calling the person to get more information. (For architects and engineers, we do a more extensive verification of each petition signer’s credentials.)

Laila is enthusiastic about her work with AE911Truth. “I have met some fabulous petition signers!” she said. She has become friends with many of them and has talked to a variety of supporters, from homemakers to retired Army generals.

Verification Team Leader Laura Nieboer has high praise for Laila’s work. “In short, Laila in my book is an exceptional, patriotic American,” Laura remarked. “It is a great honor to have a woman with her caliber in the Verification Team.”

How can you help Laila and the rest of our stellar Verification Team members? Sign our petition and urge others to do so. We want to have at least 2,000 architects and engineers on the petition by September to coincide with our groundbreaking Rethink911 ad campaign, so if you know any A&E’s, please bring their attention to our efforts. We also need as many “other” supporters to sign as well.

More volunteers on the Verification Team would also be a great help as we continue our mission. Consider becoming a new volunteer on the Verification Team or one of the other vital AE911Truth teams, and join Laila in helping us reach the public with this critical information.