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Friday, 08 February 2013 00:40

AE911Truth Action Groups Surprise and Inform
“Call to Action” Conference

Board member Tom Spellman and Congressional Outreach Team leader Wayne Coste, PE, staff the AE911Truth booth at the 2012 Call to Action conference

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has reached out to a variety of religious groups with the 9/11 evidence over the last few years. Members of several AE911Truth Action Groups continued that outreach effort recently by attending “Justice Rising,” the 2012 Call to Action Conference that is intended for the progressive Catholic community. Five volunteers from Wisconsin, Connecticut and Kentucky came together as exhibitors and workshop leaders to talk about the events at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Our message was an eye-opener to many who stopped by to talk.

AE911Truth Board member Tom Spellman, a community activist with a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture, took part in the effort. “While it is not a comfortable story, we need to get the true story of 9/11 known,” he explained. “Should we keep our silence to protect our past, or should we break the silence to have a future?”  

To facilitate discussions with people at the booth, Congressional Outreach Team leader Wayne Coste, PE, walked visitors through a video loop that introduced them to the catastrophic destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 on the afternoon of September 11. He said, “Showing a video where Building 7 was descending almost symmetrically and in free fall next to a known controlled demolition was really convincing. Video comparisons with several other controlled demolitions allowed discussions of everything that must happen in order for a controlled demolition to be successful. Fires can't weaken such a large steel structure in the sudden, timed way necessary for total, symmetrical, free-fall collapse.”

The Call to Action Conference drew hundreds of Catholic followers, most of whom were surprised by the evidence presented at the booth hosted by AE911Truth

Among the materials that were distributed at the booth was an essay written by Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, Executive Director of Center for Christian Nonviolence, entitled “Tenth Anniversary of War by Deceit”, in which he speaks eloquently to the simple truths of 9/11. When talking about the truths that are systematically suppressed by media silence, the essay mentions Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth by saying, “[…] with regards to 9/11, there are two sources of scholarly critique of the government’s 9/11 story that show clearly why the government’s story is impossible: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the writings and DVDs of Dr. David Ray Griffin, the most renowned theologian in the United States over the last thirty-five years in the area of Process Theology.”

The activists spoke to some conference attendees that have been supportive of 9/11 Truth for years. Tom recalled reconnecting with Pat McSweeney of Massachusetts. “Pat hosted AIA member Richard Gage and me when we attended the AIA convention in Boston,” he said. “Four and a half years later, Pat still encourages others to break the silence and speak the truth.”

Pat’s friend Lorraine thanked us for being at the Call to Action convention and told us we were a blessing. Rosemary Thompson, the Executive Director of the Murphy Initiative for Peace and Justice, thanked us for being there and bearing witness to the truth about the events of 9/11.

A booth for a newspaper, The National Catholic Reporter, was adjacent to ours. We shared our new documentary, "9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out", with them, and they said that they would share it with the rest of their staff.

Generally, the information presented at the AE911Truth booth was accepted with a curious and quizzical “Thank you.” Most attendees seemed surprised that they had never heard about this before. During the course of the three-day event, about 150 people stopped by the booth. About 20 percent were pretty aware of the issues, another 20 percent were vaguely aware and about 60 percent were completely unaware of the issues raised by AE911Truth. Only a few people reacted very negatively once they realized the implications of the evidence – which surely challenged their closely held worldview.

Many of the informative banners, pamphlets and DVDs at the AE911Truth table are now available in our online store

For example, as Tom recounted, “there was a man who first said we were “crazy” and then took a few steps away and said that he was an engineer… and then more steps away and said that he taught at a university… and was off in a cloud of dust without giving any explanation of what evidence he disagreed with.”

The “workshop session” hosted by the activists revolved around a screening of "9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out", which features 43 technical experts, including registered structural engineers, high-rise architects, chemists and physicists. They are followed by psychologists and therapists who talk about why the issues raised in the 9/11 Truth movement are such a difficult message for some Americans to hear and digest. At the end of the film, family members explain why an accurate, scientific investigation is needed for them – and all Americans – to heal.

Being present at the Call to Action conference also gave our supporters a chance to talk to some of the speakers, such as Father John Dear, who graciously accepted a copy of Experts Speak Out and the essay by Father McCarthy. Father Matthew Fox, the conference’s keynote speaker, also received the documentary. Bob, a CTA Board member, listened and understood our message. He then took a DVD to watch and share.

The seeds have been sown. How well they will take root and grow is still to be known. Hopefully, AE911Truth will have a more prominent place on the program next year!

If you would like to help us build upon our success, please join or start an AE911Truth Action Group in your local area. You can also become a volunteer with our influential Public Outreach Team. With your support, more faith groups will hear our call for justice and extend our vital message across the globe.