Caught In Their Own Web of Contradictions: New Video shows Official 9/11 Story Defenders Espousing Opposing and Impossible WTC Theories Print
Written by AE911Truth   
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 21:51
Cole exposes the false and conflicting claims made by OCT defenders like NIST WTC Lead Investigator Shyam Sunder

Civil Engineer Jon Cole points out in his latest rapid-paced 18 minute video, 9/11 Theories: Expert vs. Expert, that many people, espousing the official account of the 9/11 WTC events and viewed as technical experts, have proposed a variety of conflicting theories as to why the WTC buildings collapsed on 9/11. What is interesting is that none of those theories supporting the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) obey the laws of physics or match the observed events. This innovative and well-researched video also presents a fascinating 9/11 narrative and compelling images that refute these official accounts of how the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 came down.

Some experts admitted that there were explosions in the Twin Towers, and others said there were none -- even though there are many eyewitnesses to these explosions.

Some experts told us that fires melted steel, and others pointed out that jet fuel and office fires don’t burn hot enough to melt steel. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) said the molten metal seen coming out of the upper floors of the buildings and found pooled at the bases of their debris was “irrelevant to the investigation of the collapse of the towers.” This material was actually molten steel or (more likely) iron – a byproduct of the incendiary “thermite”. It produces the required temperatures to melt steel and iron, which are twice as high as what office fires or jet fuel can produce.


Some experts said the floor truss connections in the Twin Tower broke, causing a “pancaking” collapse, whereas others said that the connections were actually strong enough to pull in the perimeter columns causing their failure. This argument is actually irrelevant, since the local failure of either of these structural elements could not have caused the Twin Towers to fall like a house of cards.

Some experts said the perimeter columns bowed out and others said they bowed in. Again, these experts miss the point, because normal office fires cannot possibly cause the systematic, instantaneous failure of all the steel columns that must have occurred in order to cause the rapid, symmetrical destruction of each of the WTC skyscrapers.

Some experts said WTC Building 7 didn’t collapse at free fall acceleration, and others said it did. Fortunately, NIST has already acknowledged the free fall of WTC7, after being publicly embarrassed and provided with analysis by physics instructor David Chandler.

What is being ignored by these “experts” is the elephant in the room – the numerous facts that confirm the controlled demolition hypothesis

Some experts said that the sulfur attack on the WTC7 steel documented by FEMA at Ground Zero came from the pulverized gypsum wallboard, whereas others said it couldn’t have. The truth is that gypsum wall board is used to protect steel and has never been shown to attack it.

Some experts said thermite couldn’t have been used to cut the steel beams, and others said it could. Cole points out in the video that thermite was used over 75 years ago to melt the steel supporting columns in the controlled demolition of the Skyride Towers.

One self-styled expert with an engineering background even gives two conflicting theories himself. Jonathan Kay, the author of the hit piece Among the Truthers, suggested both the “pancake theory” and “pile driver theory” when interviewed on National Public Radio. Neither theory accounts for the speed of the “collapse” or the forensic and video evidence, including the molten metal found at Ground Zero and the thermitic residue identified in the WTC dust.

After all the time and money spent on government investigations, the defenders of the OCT can’t agree on the nature of those building collapses. What is being ignored is the elephant in the room – the numerous facts that confirm the controlled demolition hypothesis.

This latest video by Cole is not to be missed, especially by those of us who find ourselves in repeated discussions with the deniers of the explosive 9/11 evidence. This tool can be very useful in your hands as you educate others with the truth.