Airport Activism Takes Off With AE911Truth Fact Cards Print
Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:10
On my way to Chicago last month I asked six people, and all six took the card, including the one pilot I asked

The approaching tenth anniversary of 9/11 is an opportunity to make as many people aware of the demolition of the three World Trade Center buildings as possible. In particular, Transportation Security Agency (TSA) employees are people who arguably have an interest in knowing the truth. The creation of the TSA was a direct response to the 9/11 catastrophe, and there seems little reason to doubt the sincerity of rank-and-file TSA employees in their mission to prevent another attack. They can always be found at the airport, along with flight crew, passengers and concession employees. Whether you’re arriving at a new destination or just driving by your local airport after work, your efforts can make a difference.

A non-confrontational approach is paramount to successfully reaching somebody. Opening with an innocuous offer such as "Can I offer you some free facts about September 11th?" while presenting a 9/11 fact card (available from our Online Store) can be quite appealing. AE911Truth activist Mark Graham helped develop these strategies and employed them during a recent business trip. “On my way to Chicago last month I asked six people and all six took the card, including the one pilot I asked,” he recounted.

Mark Graham’s efforts in reaching out to the TSA have shown that even an uncomfortable airport screening can offer an opportunity for enlightenment

There are several reasons this approach works so well, not the least of which being that people love free stuff, even free facts. Also, the fact cards speak for themselves, so you do not have to state any opinions about the events of 9/11 or the Official Conspiracy Theory. A person may even be thinking of comparing what he or she knows about 9/11 to the facts on the card. He or she may even consider him or herself somewhat of an expert on the topic, particularly someone from the TSA. Thus, it can be a fun, nonthreatening personal challenge. Finally, you have not forced them into a conversation. The recipient can just accept the card and read it later without worrying about how to end the dialogue. In this way you have informed and empowered the person.

If the person asks you a question, of course, the situation shifts. A brief summary to put the facts on the card in context is a good idea. When the person has shown a willingness to engage by asking the question, a more active approach is justified. It is good to point out that these facts are not reported in the mainstream media.

If there is one fact upon which to focus, Building 7 is an excellent choice. Just asking if the person has heard of Building 7 is a great question. It is a simple “yes or no” question, and it can be answered without appearing ignorant or conceding any points – especially if you have already planted the idea that the media have been remiss, and explained that it's not our fault if we don't know crucial facts.

AE911Truth evidence cards for the Twin Towers and Building 7 are an effective tool for informing TSA agents, airline crews, and passengers at your local airport

The vast majority of Americans are honest, genuine people. If we can just get the message to them, they will begin to think about the truth behind these tragic events.

Mark Graham reported the details of another successful encounter during his return trip. “On the way back from Chicago Midway airport, I was handing out my 9/11 fact cards to the TSA employees, saying, ‘Can I offer you some free facts about September 11?’. One of them, a 30-something lady, came back and asked if I had more cards. I gave her what was in my pocket, another seven or eight cards. I had dozens more in my backpack, so the next thing I did was dig out another 15. She was already handing them out to her fellow TSA employees. Perfect! I found her and gave her all 15, knowing that she would get them into other TSA employees' hands.”

It is clear that there are plenty of concerned citizens out there that simply need to be made aware of the facts regarding 9/11. This should be seen as a civic duty of all Americans. Next time you fly, consider bringing some fact cards to hand out. You may have more influence than you ever imagined!