AE911Truth Action Group ‘WeAreChange Fresno’ Finds Sympathetic Public at Local Gun Show Print
Written by Randy Shahbazian   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 18:59
Julius Rasmussen introduces the explosive evidence to open-minded gun show visitors

Our activist group, WeAreChange Fresno – an AE911Truth Local Action Group – is constantly seeking new ways of informing the public about the explosive evidence of the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers. Public events with open-minded organizers can be excellent opportunities for directly reaching many people on a personal level.

After purchasing a $75 table at the Central Coast Gun Show for the weekend of April 16-17 at the Fresno County Fairgrounds, our group purchased a variety of educational materials from the AE911Truth online store. At the event, we set up a laptop playing 9/11: Blueprint for Truth and displayed a “Why a Third Light Beam?” poster on our table. We displayed copies of the 9/11 Investigator broadsheet paper and the glossy informational cards on the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Additionally, we distributed copies of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth for which we requested a $1.50 donation.


Behind a neatly organized display table, Steve Garrett models how easy it can be to distribute AE911Truth’s worldview-changing information

The majority of the responses to our table were positive, and we raised about $200 in donations which nearly covered our expenses. Several people thanked us for our activity. We connected with another 9/11 Truth activist in our area who was not aware of our group.

We plan to set up tables at future events. 9/11 Truth activists should understand how easily this activity was coordinated with just a little money and several dedicated people. I was inspired to do this activity after seeing a similar event described on the AE911 Truth website, and I hope that our event inspires others to do the same.