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Tuesday, 22 February 2011 18:59

Help Us Today to Break Deeper into Mainstream & Alternative Media

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It is your turn now. The time is right. Help AE911Truth break into mainstream media in 2011. The effectiveness of several upcoming public speaking events will be multiplied many times over by the services of a professional publicist. Now is when we need your help. Please donate today.

These events start right away on March 6 with our live World Trade Center debate onstage with journalist Chris Mohr and Richard Gage, AIA – followed by the March 26 Hartford, CT, day-long conference on WTC 7, keynoted by AE911Truth.

These exciting events also coincide with the second round of the successful BuildingWhat? TV ads in New York City. Some of our architect and engineer petition signers will be featured on these ads along with the family members. Next is the three-week, ten-city Midwest AE911Truth tour, punctuated by the AE911Truth presentation at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) in Detroit. The LTU event is actually being sponsored by the LTU Dean of Architecture, with CES Units offered. Following all this we have a Georgia/Florida tour in May and a Celtic Tour of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England in mid-June.

About this time our five-minute mini-documentary on WTC 7 comes out and airs on PBS-TV 500 times across the country. Then, as if that’s not enough for the publicist to work with – our first book, pocket-sized but with disproportionate impact, comes out in July.


“…a time for all of our supporters to step up to the plate”

We must capitalize on each of these events with skilled publicity. We have been negotiating with one of the top publicists in Hollywood. She has put numerous progressive and even radical authors into successful public awareness on alternative as well as mainstream press, magazine, radio, and TV shows. Her client list is a Who’s Who of muckrakers and activists who are well respected in the 9/11 truth community. She is a solid supporter of 9/11 truth and of our organization in particular.

The professional fee for publicizing the above events has been discounted to $8,000. It is time for all of our supporters to step up to the plate and hit these opportunities out of the park. A few of you are able to donate $1,000. Some can donate $100, and most can help with $25 or $10. It will take all of you giving in a way that stretches your comfort zones. Please give what you can today during this February fundraising drive to help us succeed and push much deeper into the public awareness with forays like we had on Geraldo in November, and KMPH-FOX, BBC, CBC, TV-NZ, Coast to Coast, and PBS. Our publicist believes that we will achieve a minimum of 30 interviews. This will launch AE911Truth into public awareness in a way that we have not been able to achieve on our own. Won’t you help us today with your one-time or monthly sustaining donation?

Thank you!

The grateful staff at AE911Truth