Upcoming Action of the Month: Put AE911Truth DVDs in the Hands of Every A/E in Your Community Print
Written by Richard Gage, AIA   
Monday, 21 February 2011 23:37

AE911Truth Action Groups

San Francisco Feb 2010 Press Conference DVD

Every month our AE911Truth Action Groups meet and decide what outreach action we and our worldwide supporters will perform on behalf of our fellow citizens that are as yet unaware of the evidence for the explosive controlled demolition of the three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. This month we’ve decided to take the AE911Truth SF Press Conference or Companion Edition DVD’s and brochures directly to architecture and engineering firms.

9/11 Investigator

The beautiful, cost-effective 9/11 Investigator broadsheet newspaper makes a great accompaniment to any of these DVDs. You can order these items inexpensively at very near our cost in our online store. You can download an introductory letter to print and leave with the A/E’s along with the educational items.

Street Brochure

It might turn out that you are met at the reception desk and will need to provide materials for the administrative assistant to place in A/E staff mail slots. Or you might find that it is a single-person A/E in the office and you will be able to sit down and have a conversation right there and then – if that feels comfortable for you. You might be more comfortable looking up the addresses for the A/E’s in your area and simply mailing them the materials. There are many ways to accomplish this months activity. We are very grateful for any effort that you might wish to engage in. The important thing is that all of us do our part. Let us know how it goes!