Ensuring Our Credibility: The AE911Truth Verification Team Print
Written by Brian Romanoff   
Friday, 07 January 2011 19:27

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has an extraordinary Verification Team. They are a very special group of volunteers – individually responsible for ensuring that signers of the AE911Truth petition are real and the information they provide is accurate. All petition signers are verified, whether they are architects, engineers, or “other” supporters, and regardless of whether they live in the United States. Verifying 13,000 petition signers, 1,400 of whom are licensed and/or degreed A/E professionals, is no small task.

Sean Brizendine led the Verifications Team with exceptional skills and dedication throughout 2010

In 2010 alone, more than 400 professional architects and engineers were verified and displayed on the AE911Truth petition. Each of domestic A/E signer is contacted personally by phone by one of the Verification Team volunteers. Most of these professionals are surprised, then satisfied and thankful for the time and effort we spend verifying their credentials. After making personal contact with each signer, the volunteer reviews the signer’s credentials. If contact cannot be made or if appropriate credentials cannot be found, we do not count or display the signer on our A/E professionals list.

Even the thousands of people who sign our petition in the “others” category are reviewed for valid emails, phone numbers, and other criteria. While reviewing the body of other supporters, we have found many amazingly skilled individuals ranging from physicists to lawyers and veterans. In fact, many people in the others category are also architects or engineers by trade, but without the credentials we need for the professionals category. Please visit and read some of the testimonies from either category, as both have much to offer.

Throughout 2010, the Verifications Team was led by Sean Brizendine, who worked tirelessly to make sure all the volunteers’ questions were answered and issues resolved. He also called most of those professional signers himself.

Sean was backed by a diverse group of volunteers throughout the year, including many who are still with the current Verifications Team. Carol Cleveland, Laura Nieboer, Brian Romanoff, Laila Selk and Blake Shatto make up the Verifications Team heading into 2011. Sean Brizendine has graciously passed the torch on and moved to other necessary AE911Truth operations.

Our weekly Verification Conference calls are a vital communication tool. Emails sometimes just aren’t enough (and sometimes they are too much!). Every week there are more petition signers than days, and some signers offer challenges as well as rewards. A thank-you email is sent to every single signer by the Verifications Team .

We look forward to an exciting year, and are aiming to reach 600 new professional signers which will bring us to a pivotal 2,000 Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in 2011! If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please do so now. It’s never too late to take responsible heroic action.