AE911Truth – In Mainstream TV - Free DVD Print
Written by Dick Scar   
Thursday, 02 September 2010 23:51

Finally! We’ve compiled the 6 best opportunities AE911Truth has had to tell our story, and place our evidence in front of millions of TV viewers. The segments include recent broadcasts in Britain, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. including the world premier of  9/11: Blueprint for Truth in Denver on PBS TV.

During the month of September, with any purchase of $20 or more in our online store, you will receive the Free DVD as a bonus, which includes more than 90 minutes of excellent TV coverage that Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has rightfully earned. Six segments, ranging in lengths of 6 to 34 minutes, show it all.  Send this DVD to every media outlet in your area and ask them why they are not doing their job.  Challenge them to also break the story – the crime of the century.

NZTV Close Up interview, Christchurch, New Zealand – 6 Min.

In this NZ version of the popular US TV show “60 Minutes,”  we present to the Close Up audience evidence not considered in the previous official reports and we point out the shortcomings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology report. We explore the fact that Building 7 was never hit by a plane but collapsed in just 6 ½ seconds straight down through what should have been the path of maximum resistance - the 40,000 tons of structural steel.  We heard that the New Zealand audience was stunned.

CBC TV – The 5th Estate, Toronto, Canada – 12 Min.

On the eighth anniversary of  9/11, Richard Gage, AIA, explains to the interviewer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp’s hot news show why he started AE911Truth. He says he didn’t know what the gravitational collapse of a modern high rise building looks like because there had never been one. The accelerating collapse of the World Trade Center buildings meant that the steel structure was providing little resistance. He states that it has been difficult to present this information – not in terms of reaching conclusions but because of the implications of those conclusions.  One fourth of this one-hour TV show was focused on AE911Truth.

KMPH-FOX TV, Fresno, CA – 7 Min.

This Great Day program, broadcast on May 28, 2009, found Mr. Gage slipping in some personal information – that he was a Reagan Republican who thinks the official reasons given for the collapse of the WTC buildings make no sense in view of the evidence that has come to light. He fully recovered though – noting the key points of evidence for the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11 – and why over 700 Architects & Engineers (at that time) were calling for a new investigation. Now of course we have almost doubled that amount. This may be the first time that the AE911Truth evidence has been aired on a FOX affiliate – and in the rapid-fire volley that Gage has become well known for.

OMNI TV, The Standard, Vancouver, B.C. – 22 Min.

Randall Mark explains in this Apr. 22, 2008, broadcast that many questions about 9/11 have been raised but never answered. Gage explains that one of the biggest questions is where the several tons of molten steel/iron in the debris piles of the buildings came from. Of course normal office fires do not produce temperatures high enough to melt steel or create molten iron.

BBC TV, The Conspiracy Files, Britain – 11 Min.

This program in 2008 highlights the formation of AE911Truth and over 300 A&E’s (at that time) who were calling for a new investigation. It also focuses in on WTC Building 7, the collapse of which Gage demonstrates is an obvious example of explosive controlled demolition. Several examples are shown of high-rise buildings that sustained fires of long duration but, of course, didn’t collapse.

KBDI-PBS TV, Denver, CO – 34 Min.

AE911Truth was in Denver on Aug. 15, 2009, for the World Premier of our DVD 9/11: Blueprint for Truth The Architecture of Destruction. The showing of the 60-min version was in conjunction with a fundraising pledge drive in which KBDI gained new supporters and a very successful series of pledges because of its courage to be the first TV station to air the scientific forensic evidence documenting the explosive demolitions. The DVD was provided to KBDI’s financial supporters as a “premium”