Washington DC Actions - Action #3 Print
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Monday, 16 August 2010 00:00

Meet with your Congress members in your community:
August, September, October

We have a new approach to holding Congress accountable for the explosive evidence that they have been provided. We seek engagement and discourse with their scientifically qualified advisors. Our goal: an increasing momentum toward a new WTC investigation as we build support for a “standard bearer” to come forward.

We would like you to meet with your local Congress members while they are back in your local area campaigning for your vote. Make the appointment now for mid-August, September, and mid-October.

We encourage you to also make appointments with their opposing candidates. These appointments should be easier to land and may be quite effective.

Here are the simple steps for you to take:

1.  Make the 20 minute appointment with your Congress member and Senator themselves if possible at their local home office. Email us with the appointment name/city/date/time as soon as you get it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Give us your name and phone number too. We will coordinate your appointment with other local supporters who may wish to be involved. We may even be able to find an AE911Truth architect or engineer to accompany you. If the representative’s office won’t grant you an appointment directly with the Congress member or Senator then ask for an appointment with their technical advisor. State that you have information that is a matter of national security relative to the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. Ask for a conference room with a DVD player. If they don’t have one you can bring a laptop to play the DVD on.

2.  Show up on time, dressed for success, with your Companion Edition of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth DVD – ready to play the 10-minute version (includes WTC 7 only).

3.  Give the Presentation:

a.   Introduce your party members in less than 1 minute – handing over business cards if you have them.

b.   Introduce AE911Truth – 1200 architect & engineer petition signers calling for a new WTC investigation.

c.   Play the 10-minute DVD.

d.   Ask the Congressperson / science adviser / staffer which points made the most impact for them. Show them the “Concise WTC 7 Question”. Ask for an answer to the question – in writing.

e.   Hand them a copy of the petition (about 40 pages) with the 1,000 AE911Truth names and state that, “this represents 25,000 years of collective technical professional experience. Please take it seriously.”

f.   Hand them copies of the “evidence cards” on the Twin Towers
and Building 7

g.   Optional: Hand them the Misprision of Treason note and state simply, slowly, and carefully the following: “We believe that the information that we have provided you may be evidence of treason – and that we have fulfilled our responsibility as citizens to bring this troublesome matter to your attention today.”

h.   Please don’t discuss anything outside of the technical points of evidence shown in the DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” that was shown to the official.

i.   Always be polite and professional.

j.   In the case that the person you spoke with is not scientifically qualified ask for a referral to an advisor who is.

4.  Please coordinate future correspondence with the advisor with Dave Slesinger at AE911Truth: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

5.  We do expect that you will be able to get an appointment with someone in the office. In the rare occasion that you are not allowed an appointment then you may want to write a letter to the editor at your local newspapers noting such refusal (putting the Congress member on notice) and citing the specific points of evidence for the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers.

Our goal is to develop several dozen congressional science advisors who see the merit in our case – until such time that the pressure builds under one or more Congress members who will eventually become standard bearers for our cause. This is a long term project – but with a set of immediate action steps.
We do need several volunteers to assist us at the national and regional levels for this campaign. If you can help please email us with your name, phone, city, state, and zip code – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you for your leadership in this time of need.