The AE911Truth “Street Ready” Brochures - “Don’t leave home without them” Print
Written by Richard Gage, AIA   
Thursday, 24 June 2010 19:57

You are talking to this big, burly guy at the water cooler about the collapse of World Trade Center 7. Of course. . . he doesn’t believe you.  He even thinks you’re a conspiracy theorist, or worse.  You need back up.  You’re out-gunned -- and not prepared to deal with the names that you are about to be called. There’s nothing in your briefcase to give him.  You go. . . “Darn!,” or worse,  to yourself.  You say to him, “Just go to,” but you don’t quite remember the name of the website.  This conversation is just not going your way.

RE-TAKE . . . .

Just in time. . .  you remember the stack of  "street ready" brochures that you bought from the AE911Truth Store at 15 cents each -- a small price to pay for the feeling of victory  --  in the office and out on the street.

You whip them out from your briefcase and hand one to your surprised friend before he can get out the words “Are you one of those conspiracy theorist?”  You say with confidence, “Hey -- they, 1,000 architects and engineers just deal with scientific facts -- no theories.”  He says, “What’s the third beam for?”  You just look at him. . . and let him squirm a bit, and ask, “How many high-rises were destroyed on 9/11?”  He says with great confidence, “Two!”  You look at him and pause. . . Then, with compassion, say, “Guess again.”  He looks at the brochure cover again and, after what must feels like an eternity to him, says “Three??”

The game is almost over.  He’s shaking.  You don’t tell him about WTC 7 -- you show him the photos of it descending into its own footprint.  You don’t tell him about the melted steel girders -- you show him the Swiss cheese like steel pieces that “normal office fires” can’t possibly explain. You don’t tell him about how the building collapsed into a pile, like a house of cards -- you show him.

You can get these colorful brochures at our cost almost. But if that is too much, then you can download the artwork files for free and print them yourself.  There just aren’t any more excuses for not being an effective advocate.  Many people prefer to place an enveloped DVD (of our 60 minute, 30 minute, and 10 minute Companion Edition of 9/11:  Blueprint for Truth) into the hands of their friends in denial.  Because these live-action representatives of AE911Truth contain the essence of the successful dynamic multimedia presentation that Richard Gage, AIA, has given to over 160 audiences in 16 countries around the world.  In fact, by a show of hands, 80% to 95% of those that came to these presentations that either, a) believed the official story or, b) were unsure, came to agree with the science-based forensic evidence by the end of the presentation.

These handy pocket size truth Trojan horses are convenient enough to be handed out like candy -- and can be purchased for as little as $1.50 each.  And for your more scientifically minded friends and opponents -- it includes the great WTC-physics-lessons series from high school physics teacher, David Chandler.  Let David do the hard work for you.  He makes it so easy.

Now your colleague has something to think about and take home and review and ask for help about it from others.  The truth infection then spreads in the sea of denial -- one neuron at a time.  You’ve done something for humanity.  Your conscience eases up on you and says “Good job today.”