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Saturday, 12 May 2007 00:00 Architect brings the evidence for controlled demolition on 9/11 to large SF area Architecture Firm.


As part of the "11th of every month" events around the country yesterday, Richard Gage, AIA gave a one-hour presentation on WTC 7 to roughly 40 architects and staff members at a large office in the SF Bay Area. It's not an easy thing to bring such a hot potato into an office of conservative building professionals, but that's exactly what Richard did yesterday, delivering a confident, scaled down version of his 2-hour presentation to over half of the firm's staff...

When asked if anyone still believed that WTC 7 was destroyed by fire, no one raised a hand or contested his thesis about the building's demise. Most expressed eagerness to see his follow-up talk on WTC 1 and 2 later in the month - to be held on 6/12/07 at the East Bay Chapter of the AIA in Oakland at 12:00noon. Richard provided handouts and free copies of 911 Mysteries for people to take home after the presentation.

Many of the architects have already signed the petition calling for a new new investigation of 9/11. I think he'll be successful as he continues to deliver this lecture to other gatherings of architects and professionals. Architects and engineers have generally avoided the 9/11 topic for a variety of reasons, but when faced with the facts, as Richard delivered yesterday, the taboo has been lifted enough for other "experts" to become part of the Truth movement without the fear of isolation.

My hat off to you Richard for all you are doing!

Scott P., Architectural Consultant