Special Thank You and the Next Step Print
Written by Richard Gage, AIA   
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 00:00

Thank you everyone for supporting us in setting up our AE911Truth 10' x10' booth at the San Francisco convention of the American Institute of Architects! The booth and convention accessory fees alone amounted to over $7,000. On top of this, and because of your show of support, we are able now to create a first class highly professional display system of large graphic banners and 37" LCD monitors!

Now our need is to ensure that each of the 24,000 architects at the convention will make a conscious effort to find us at booth #2609! So we have approval to place a 1/4 page color ad (depicting a comparison of the Beijing high-rise fire with the mysterious destruction of WTC 7 — see image and click for a larger view). This ad will be placed in the prestigious Architectural Record – the publication of the American Institute of Architects. We do already have 2 gracious donors who are providing 1/2 of the $6,400 ad cost already! But we also want to send a similarly designed invitation post card to each of the 24,000 architects before the event and also as a follow-up after the event. The list cost, printing cost, and postage for this marketing effort will be over $11,400. Let's maximize the AE911Truth marketing opportunity of the year! If each of us do a little then we will move this mountain of denial in the building professional that we need to reach the most! Thanks everyone.