It’s Time to Speak Out about AE911Truth: Tell 10, Sign up 2 Print
Written by Michael Marino   
Saturday, 07 November 2009 00:00

Join us for the final push as we approach our 1000th petition signer. As our numbers continue to grow, it becomes easier to persuade others to look at the evidence for the WTC explosive controlled demolitions. Now it often only requires handing someone a DVD and asking them to take a look at it. Then a follow-up phone call or brief conversation often completes the task in short order. Will you help us again?

The message is spread primarily via word of mouth and email. We are a part of a grass roots movement that is growing exponentially – but only when we stretch our comfort zones, take a little personal risk, and speak.

The once-in–a-lifetime challenge that we face today requires an equally unprecedented response from our petition signers. I hope all of you will rise to the occasion and help achieve this goal before the end of the year. How?

• Tell ten other colleagues – preferably architects & engineers. 
• Sign up two of them.

Those are the percentages. Buy 10 evidence cards and hand them out next week. Or email your chosen 10 A/E's the link to our website and ask them to look at what almost 1,000 A/E's are saying. You can also edit and send them the three-page "hard-evidence" letter from Richard Gage, AIA, which explains what we are all about.

Or support us financially in this historic time of surpassing 1,000 technical and building professionals demanding a new investigation. Let's break through 1,000 at a brisk pace – just as gold has broken the $1,000 barrier. We will host a public relations event with a press conference that will feature our 1,000th signer along with Mr. Gage on location when it occurs. This event will need to be well publicized across the country and the world – and we must have your support to make it happen effectively.

We would like to double this accomplishment into 2000 signers before summer of 2010 and with your help we can do it. If each and every one of you will talk to ten friends or colleagues and sign up just two of them, then we will succeed.