What’s Next for AE911Truth? Print
Written by Richard Gage, AIA   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 00:00
How will we match and surpass the tremendous successes that we achieved in 2009? Let's start with a press conference and celebration highlighting our 1,000 Architects and Engineers — all of whom have staked their professional reputations and credibility — demanding a new investigation of the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.

Next we're off to Philadelphia, PA, where (not for the first time) we attend a conference with a name that is a challenge to our narrow AE911Truth mission — the Treason in America conference on March 6 and 7 — on 9/11: Blueprint for Truth — the evidence for the engineered destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. Betsy Metz is the local coordinator at this two-day nonpartisan truth conference with speakers, movies and music discussing what's really going on in our country, at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

Then we're off to Denver in mid-March (Tentatively set for March 20th) to be back on the air to 200,000 people live at KBDI PBS TV. Executive producer, Shari Bernson, has invited our return to the station to debate a proponent of the official story. We hope that physicist Dave Thomas of the New Mexico Tech Institute, with whom we had a debate-style presentation on Oct 24, 2009, will re-appear with us in this more structured debate, in which we can show our evidence on-screen during the interaction.

This should prove much more informative, and to some extent at least, more entertaining to the TV viewing audience than the radio debate that we had on January 10th with explosives expert Ron Craig.

In May we will be honored to speak alongside prolific 9/11 scholar David Ray Griffin in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, whose voice I first heard on the radio almost four years ago now presenting the "Explosive Testimony" about at the WTC from the firefighters. JF Ranger is arranging this powerful assembly on Monday, May 3. Conference details will be released on World911Truth.org, but the event is expected to take place at a large university downtown Montreal with a seating capacity up to 700. The entire conference is expected to be broadcast live on the Internet.