Takin’ It to the Street: ReThink911 Street Visibility Action Kits Make Our Work Easy Print
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Written by Dick Scar   
Tuesday, 26 November 2013 08:17

Don’t Want to Work Alone? Then Do It with A Friend!

Do-it-Yourself-kit-rszThe Do-It-Yourself Street Visibility Action Kit includes all you need for a one-person effort to take your commitment to the next step in reaching friends, neighbors, and complete strangersKick your motivation into action with one of our two exciting new ReThink911 Street Visibility Action Kits available today in the AE911Truth store. Now you have what you need to get folks out there to see you, and to seriously rethink the events of 9/11.

Our professionally crafted clothing and educational materials make it easy for you to reinforce the message of ReThink911, the global public awareness campaign we launched in September. Here is yet another way for you and all your 9/11-aware friends to educate the public and galvanize support for a new investigation of the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11/01. This campaign is led by AE911Truth and supported by a coalition of more than 30 organizations.

These packages will identify you as an informed activist with an important message. Let people on the street see you – and “pre-qualify” themselves. Many people find that, while they’re wearing our T-shirts or hats, others will strike up a conversation!

SF-Ursula-others-Banner-brochures-rszStreet visibility with the public has been as important to the 9/11 Truth Movement as our outreach to media and government

The Do-it-Yourself Street Visibility Action Kit includes one ReThink911 T-shirt (printed on both sides – available in your size in either men's or women’s styles), the ReThink911 baseball cap, 100 Rethink911 ”street brochures” and 10 ReThink911 2” oval stickers. The powerful ensemble works well and is quite thought-provoking.RT911-DIWAF-articleThe Do-it-with-a-Friend Street Visibility Action Kit will ensure that neither your activist contingent nor your message are missed. The rigid sign comes with a handle that can be driven onto the ground in your front yard

This kit costs $52 (a savings of $15 over buying the items individually) and will empower you to stimulate questions and give the answers. You can station yourself on a street corner, in a public park, or anywhere people gather or walk by – or just go about your business and be prepared to answer questions.

The Do-it-with-a-Friend Street Visibility Action kit, is designed to attract more attention with a buddy. It includes 2 ReThink911 T-shirts, 2 ReThink911 baseball caps, 200 ReThink911 “street” brochures, 20 ReThink911 2” oval stickers, 1 ReThink911 hand sign, and 1 ReThink911 large vinyl banner (111”x46”).

The hand sign can also be used as a lawn sign. The large vinyl banner is ideal for street action or even freeway overpass hanging or “freeway blogging”. Both are guaranteed to get attention. This kit costs $220 (a savings of $108).

ReThink911-NYTimes-BillboardThe New York Times ReThink911 billboard calls upon the “Newspaper of Record” to unerase the history of 9/11Recently ReThink911 raised $24,000 in three days to sponsor a billboard across the street from the New York Times Building during the month of November. The billboard asks the Times about its lack of coverage of questions about the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. Four people will be leafleting at this location every weekday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm until Thanksgiving. This is a great opportunity for anyone in New York and its environs to take part in this historic campaign. The Street Visibility Action Kits will be deployed!

signs-banners-SF1-web-2Our new ReThink911-themed materials, used here in San Francisco, reinforce the Times Square and New York Times branding and message

...raise curiosity...provide information...

A new ad campaign is planned in Canada that will reach 70% of Ottawa residents in December and 40% of Toronto residents in January. You can still donate to this $75,000 campaign to get Canadians to rethink 9/11. If you’re in Canada, use your Action Kits to support this effort.


You can start your own action group and encourage others to join you in presenting the compelling evidence.