New Zealanders Get an Annual Awakening from 9/11 Activists Drucken
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Montag, den 29. September 2014 um 05:00 Uhr
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911-black-and-white-400Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, famous for defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, would have a battle royale on his hands were he alive today to defend his army against the persistent 9/11 Truth activists in his namesake city of Wellington, New Zealand.

This handful of patriots from Down Under presented their fourth annual "9/11—See the Evidence" Exhibition on September 13 and 14 at the Boat Café, a multi-level café and event space that overlooks Wellington Harbour and Oriental Bay. Read about the public's encouraging response here.

Mike WTC-400Scale model of the WTC complex alongside a situational map of the Building 7As some of us may recall, it was five years ago that New Zealanders welcomed AE911Truth founder Richard Gage and physicist Dr. Steven Jones in what was billed as the Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009. The 620 people attending the tour's first presentation, held in Wellington, exceeded maximum seating capacity by 100. Ever since that successful event, members of New Zealand 9/11 Truth haven't let up in "uncovering the truth of September 11," to quote the slogan on their website.

But back to 2014: A week after Wellington's exhibition, 9/11 Truth activists in Rotorua, New Zealand, held their second annual "9/11—See the Evidence" Exhibition at the Rotorua Convention Centre, from Saturday, September 20, through Monday, September 22. Though the visitor count was down from last year — possibly due to the one-two punch of voting day and inclement weather — those who showed up were for the most part newcomers to the facts who eagerly and gratefully soaked up the truth about 9/11, as is reported here.