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New European Monthly Conference Call
with Richard Gage, AIA
7pm GMT, Tuesday, November 13

Hello fellow AE911Truth petition signers,

AE911Truth has 20 different teams which meet, plan and carry out various projects with the help of dedicated volunteers. We may have started out as an organization of Architects & Engineers, but our volunteers are now from many different backgrounds. They give of their time and draw from their particular strengths to help make everything happen behind the scenes.

We are very pleased to announce a new conference call specifically for English speaking European volunteers and petition signers for whom 7:00 PM GMT on the second Tuesday of the month is convenient. Initial projects for actions could include:

— Organizing a screening of an AE911Truth documentary. 9/11: Blueprint for Truth has been translated now into 8 languages. If your language is among them, you could promote the movie, organize a screening, and send the link to architects and engineers who speak your language. If your language is among the five on the hard copy DVD (Spanish, Italian, German, French and Dutch) we can forward you copies for you to sell. You can pay us back as you sell them.

— Leafleting large events, and attending relevant conferences in order to leaflet. The AE911Truth Translation Team has translated brochures and cards and other videos on YouTube into quite a few languages already. Find out if your language has material that can simply be reproduced and given out. Inexpensive leaflets, four to a page for easy duplication, could be designed by your European team and made available for download.

— Speaking to elected representatives. If this is in your comfort zone, you could reach out to politicians with the materials available. After all, citizens and soldiers, as well as civil liberties, were lost in Europe as well as a result of 9/11.

— Help organize another AE911Truth Europe Tour! We have had two successful tours so far. Is it time yet for a third?

Richard Gage, AIA, facilitates the team calls in the US and will facilitate this European call.

Would you like to attend the first call? Please RSVP and we will forward the simple instructions to attend the call. The first one will be on November 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM GMT If you have any questions, please contact EuroCall [at]



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